Triathlon Apps for Wear OS

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Triathlon Apps for Wear OS

I’m talking here about triathlon apps for Wear OS that will properly record a triathlon race.

The definition of a triathlon WATCH is one which has a SINGLE sports profile which seamlessly takes you through SwimBikeRun ie without having to change between profiles.

Thus a triathlon app for Wear OS does the same…but on Google’s Wear OS

With the recent launch of the Suunto 7 there have naturally been some comments about the inability of the watch to ‘do triathlon’. The Suunto 7 is NOT advertised as a multisport watch, so that omission is alright in my opinion, however, some people might think that as the Suunto 5 and Suunto 9 both have a multisport profile then so should the ‘one in the middle’ ie the Suunto 7.

There have also been other comments about the inability of the Suunto Wear OS app to, currently, support 3rd party sensors like power meters and heart rate monitors. These comments and criticisms can be fairly easily dispelled by using the argument that other Wear OS apps like Ghost Racer and Sporty Go can handle 3rd party sensors, like STRYD.

So I had hoped to help Suunto dispel the ‘triathlon myth’ by using a similar argument. However, as you can probably guess by my tone…you can’t.  Yep, AFAIK there’s not a single triathlon-capable Wear OS app. I don’t like taking ‘NO’ or ‘NEVER’ for an answer, so I persevered.

Let’s start with a basic search of the Google Play Store

Results will vary based on which Wear OS watch you use in the search but this is the list I was given for a search for ‘triathlon’ apps on Wear OS for the TicWatch S2.


Maybe there is hope from the Polar M600?

Perhaps the Polar Flow app for Wear OS could be side-loaded onto other Wear OS devices? (I understand that is possible but have not tried it). But can the M600 do multisport in the first place? Although the Polar M600 was NOT designed for multisport when it was first released I checked in Polar FLOW if there had been any updates. Initially, it looked good, when I saw the following which implied that it is good for a triathlon. However, it turned out to be a bug in the display on FLOW (online) and there is still no Triathlon on the M600.


Other Apps

Returning back to my search for ‘triathlon’ on the Play store. Perhaps that only find apps that are labelled as triathlon? Perhaps there is a workaround with other existing apps?

Indeed that DOES look to be the case with the Ghost Racer app as this REDDIT discussion suggests.

Other than that…I give in.


This is an opportunity for an app developer. Although perhaps not an opportunity for the same app developer to go on to buy a desert island of their own.

Other than the smallness of the opportunity, perhaps one of the reasons there isn’t an app is the difficulty of getting from one sport to the next. With a touchscreen and a limited & varied number of buttons, then it becomes tricky to find a good way to introduce laps AND to introduce progression to the next sport. Normally a LONG PRESS of whatever button is available would be the solution. (Polar M600 has 2 buttons)

However, the Suunto 7 has 4 buttons. That should be MORE THAN enough buttons.

Over to you

Here’s where you tell me of the several other apps that I don’t know about.

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2 thoughts on “Triathlon Apps for Wear OS

  1. The Galaxy Watch 4 +/- Classic may qualify as a triathlon watch. Put in the sports tracking widget as widget #1. Populate it with the 3 disciplines swimming, cycling and running. Sports tracking can then be activated with one turn of the bezel and a single tap on the screen. You can switch from one activity to the next without needing to finish the first – a single confirmation tap suffices. Works well for me!

    1. I’ll have to come up with a complicated change to the definition to exclude it. OR include the phrase ‘designed for’ 😉
      If you are happy…train on!!

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