Sigma Rox 12 updated – Sigma Announces new firmware

Sigma Rox 12 Review


Sigma released some new firmware for the Rox 12.0 bike computer last week. Today they have let us know what is in it.

Version 1.20.270 (43325)

Some of the more interesting additions include

  • Faster charging times using 1.5A chargers
  • Improved grade/gradient calculations during your ride
  • AllTrails recently acquired GPSIES and so GPSIES support is removed
  • ROTOR INspider is now supported to access and display OCA and OCP. OCA/OCP is nothing new and is similar data to that produced using Garmin’s Cycling Dynamics. Garmin call it power phase and WattBike has the Polar display (the doughnut thing). One specific use of this data is to determine the correct position of the wider part of an oval chainring to coincide with the point where you produce most power in your pedal stroke – the great thing with ROTOR Q-RINGS (and others) is that the orientation of the oval to the cranks can be varied.

REVIEW: ROTOR INPOWER 3D+ and MAS Spider With Qarbon Qrings – OCP from OCA


My Notes on Oval Chainrings

        • I like the performance side of them. They do require a period of change to get used to them.
        • They require cleanliness and precision in the adjustment of the front derailleur. Otherwise, you will be unable to shift properly and/or your chain will often come off. Ultimately I mostly stopped using them because of this.
        • They DO seem to make me notably faster…when the chain is on
        • Well. They do make me notably more powerful. But is that MORE power or incorrect measurement of power by a pedal-based PM and/or by a PM which does not take sufficiently frequent readings throughout the pedal stroke?
        • Assioma pedals claim to support ovals. Powertap too, IIRC.
        • My current TT setup has my last remaining oval. I only have the larger oval ring and a circular inner one. It shifts well with Shimano ULTEGRA

There are also some minor fixes and minor improvements to the Rox 12.0  including

  • Ride start-time correction for summertime.
  • ANT+ sensor data stabilized
  • Data Center RIDE PAUSES now correctly shown
  • Longer WiFi passwords of over 25 characters are now shown




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