new Wahoo Elemnt Bolt STEALTH

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The new Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT STEALTH is a new colour variant of the popular BOLT bike computer. However, today’s mini-excitement is the addition of new metrics for e-bikes coming to this newly-coloured BOLT model AND to all the other ELEMNT models (ELEMNT and Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM)

First up the colour. The ELEMNT BOLT is grey. I have mine in front of me now and that’s fine. Periodically there have been PINK and BLUE casing options available and those tended to also be the colours that were better-discounted from time-to-time. Wahoo’s research told them that people wanted black. And Black they have now got.

Most of the following images are, however, of the ROAM and show the new e-bike metrics. You can see what they are for yourself on the images but they cover the obvious things like charge count, %used, range, mode and soon. I’m not quite sure what the e-bike zones are. Perhaps the time spent depleting the battery at certain rates? I’ve never ridden an e-bike.


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