Strava Runner Motivations

STRAVA surveyed 25,000 of us to discover more about our running motivations. Whilst none of the findings are earth-shattering, at least they indicate to us how similar or different we are to all those other crazy lycra- and cotton-clad people zooming around in bouncy shoes.

Getting Started

A third of us merely tolerate the first mile.

Me? I love it. I’ve left the family behind and I’m either with my own (highly enjoyable) thoughts or chatting to a like-minded running buddy.

Finishing the Run

Two thirds of us Love finishing.

Me? I love the satisfaction of finishing a targetted run but when I’m training for a duathlon, the end of a run is just the start of something else that involves lycra or gadgets.


25% of Strava runners love getting Strava kudos from our followers


My ‘the5krunner’ account is a private account and only has one follower, the real me. I will leave it to your imagination as to whether or not I give myself kudos when I appear to have done the same 10-mile route 5 times in one day with 5 different devices. Seriously though with my real account, it is nice to get a thumbs up and comment from a fellow club member or friend. I think a good idea for clubs is to assign someone who just gives a kudos to every other club members’ efforts. Spread the happiness, even though it might be a bit fake.


Post-Run Drink or Food

39% of us love replenishing our fluids and solids

This is a double-edged sword for me. A realisation that I didn’t hydrate properly or guilt that I’m probably about to stuff more calories down my throat than I’ve just burned AND that I’m trying to shed a kilo or two by this summer. After hard intervals, I will have some chocolate-flavoured, whey protein and creatine monohydrate powder mixed with semi-skimmed milk. I like to drink that however I nearly always then feel nauseous afterwards for an hour or so. If any medical professionals out there can explain that one I’d be grateful.

Weekend Running

Morning runs account for 67% of weekend runs or 38% of weekday runs.

Go figure Sherlock! #work #kids

Routine Helps

66% of new Retirees say a running routine helped them adjust  their life

With a surprising 61% also saying running heled in the same way after the addition of a child to the family. That must signal an opportunity for running buggy manufacturers! Either that or there are a lot of negligent parents leaving their kids at home for a quick dash around the block.

Detailed Stats

100% of 45-54yo, Brazilian women say a running routine helped with a job change.

This is an interesting stat that perhaps suggests either my fixation with 45-54yo Brazilian women or that perhaps the details behind the Strava survey only work best in their major markets which include the USA and UK rather than Brazil.

with that probable limitation in mind, it still is an interesting read and you can explore MANY other angles of the survey here (link to WHYWERUN at





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  1. Me: I deleted my Strava account and setup a Smashrun account. Much more motivating.

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