STRAVA Running POWER Support Strongly Hinted At

The latest app version of STRAVA on iOS very strongly hints at the support for running power as you can see from the image above. Or, put another way, it says it’s included 😉

If this happens and it is not an overly-excited STRAVA typo, then it is likely to mostly benefit runners using STRYD or Garmin Running Power via the Garmin Connect platform, as that’s where most running power users are. Polar’s native power (or power recorded from STRYD) and Suunto’s running power recording from STRYD might be omitted from support at first but should also eventually make their way in too but there are no guarantees. Garmin and STRAVA work very closely together in a somewhat symbiotic relationship and, in any case, Garmin records power differently to Polar and Suunto – although you could argue that they all adhere to the FIT standard for developer fields when FIT files are produced. Despite that, I’m not 100% sure, from memory, of the exact nature by which Polar/Suunto make running power data available to be shared between platforms.

Whether or not we will see Coros and Runscribe’s running power data making its way to STRAVA is another matter entirely.

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I had a quick test of a running power file today being loaded straight into STRAVA and no STRYD data is visible anywhere that I could see.

Running power analysis in STRAVA would certainly be nice & very much welcomed.

For me, it would also be nice that STRAVA can be used as a conduit to get running power data from A to B via STRAVA. STRYD users might shrug and, instead, remain happy with the recently and significantly improved power analysis features in STRYD’s Power Center.

STRYD Power Center – 2020, new features


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5 thoughts on “STRAVA Running POWER Support Strongly Hinted At

  1. What is the relation of strava and They appear to collaborate. And has been looking into power for years now.


      there is no organisational link between the two. STRAVA has many add-on partners and is one of them

      IIRC get their running power data from garmin Connect.
      look at xert as well. with them you have to have two accounts one for running power and one for bike power (i think they give you the second free for that purpose)

      strava used to take running power but it got mixed with bike power and you don’t want to mix apples and pears.

  2. So, Strava added support for everyone except Garmin users? Seems like a big mistake since the majority uses Garmin Power or Garmin+Stryd

    1. sorry can you explain, is running power coming through on other non-Garmin platforms you know of? which ones (I think Apple might but have not tested it)

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