STRAVA Summit Packs are DEAD, Long Live STRAVA Summit

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That’s right STRAVA will no longer let you buy individual STRAVA Summit Packs. There are no more packs. Instead, there is just one tier of premium membership to all the extra features and the sum total of all these features is CURRENTLY the same as before

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According to a report, existing subscribers to the individual packs have each received a free upgrade to the full service. So existing subscribers have no cause for concern other than they may well end up paying more at renewal time.

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KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. One of the world’s best acronyms.

Whilst many of us use and like/love/hate STRAVA I would imagine that the $/£/eu50ish a year is something that you are either going to pay or not pay; you probably spend very little time thinking about it either way. Do you want filtered leaderboards? do you want Fitness & Freshness metrics? They’re both from different packs and it was probably a faff to spend more than 20 seconds figuring out what you needed.

So, simplicity is a good idea.

If you and I want STAVA to continue then we have to either hope that someone else pays for it or stump up the cash ourselves. I’m currently one of STRAVA’s best customers as I have two fully paid-up Summit accounts and yet I realise that I can get pretty much all of the functionality from ‘somewhere else’. That ‘somewhere else’ could be from other training analysis software, someone else’s heatmap plugin or from my bike computer’s LIVE TRACKING feature.

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The following single post lets you know how to avoid paying STRAVA your hard-earned cash but such a strategy of depriving STRAVA of revenue will eventually come back to haunt us all and won’t fund the new features that many of us are looking forward to. Maybe. Perhaps.


Strava apps – Cool Apps, Not-So-Cool Apps & Freebie Apps


Problem: I can’t see any way around sourcing STRAVA live segments elsewhere. If that’s the only feature you want it suddenly becomes an expensive one. Is it really worth £$Eu50?



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  1. I dont like this decision. I would lime to pay only for features I use – live segments. Rest is calculated by Polar Flow. Now I have to pay 3x more? I quit. Greedy loses twice more.

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