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Unisee parkrun GermanyRegular readers will have noticed a different look and feel on the site as from today. The main aim was to make the site display properly on the mobile platform (AMP). This just wasn’t working at all well and hadn’t been for a long time as the previous template I used was fairly old. Anyway, that should now be good.

I’ve also tried to improve the experience for visitors to the desktop home page and more options should now be more immediately available. i think it works well on a large screen.

Some of the ads weren’t displaying properly which perhaps isn’t a concern for most people! but sometimes they did cover things up and overflowed the screen. That should be improved and I will change it some more over the coming weeks

WordPress also has a carousel of images it displays. Often I crop images to unual sizes so the fit better on all screens (in my opinion) but that meant that the courusel someties got confused about what size of space to reserve on the screen. The new theme seems to order images very cleverly in the new carousel …which looks great. unfortunately it also rotates the occasional image by 90 degrees for no partcular reason #sigh.

I had planned to change the font and background to something vaguely resembling the financial times but a friend said that the red colours made the site look like the bbc…so i’ll keep it red !

With every 3 steps forwards there are two inevitable steps backwards. I know the TABLES OF CONTENTS in some of the longer posts now format differently. I don’t seem to be able to control that…sometimes it comes out better and sometimes not.

If you spot anything that looks wrong please let me know. Thank you.



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14 thoughts on “New Website Look & Feel

  1. Thank you for the positive feedback. I used to jokingly say “My regular reader….” but you’ve all proved there’s now at least 8.

    PS @Rudy I think fancy is positive 😉 I’ll take it that way. And, yes, I know what you mean.

  2. Can’t find sort stories by latest :), maybe it’s just me?

    Page is looking great btw! Congrats

    1. hi. good point. latest as of now is the stages 2.2 firmware post. on the desktop this appears after the other ‘feeds’. i dont think this is a problem on the desktop??? but if you are on mobiel then it perhaps does appear too far further down. I could probably creat a menu option in the hamburger (3-line) menu section that displays the lastest posts???
      feedback much appreciated

    2. I added a LATEST menu yesterday, mostly that’s for mobile but (see comment below) it also helps out some desktop users

  3. I can’t find ‘anything’ – ie if there is something new to read. Trying to look around and see if there is a system to navigate gives me a vertigo from all the flashy content. My time spend on this site went from minutes to seconds daily.

    1. sorry about that

      try the LATEST section on the menu

      did you get to use…it’s pretty cool

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