BAE Consumption Improves Athletic Recovery

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CurraNZI’m a fan of the purple stuff. To most people that means BEETROOT juice but to me that also includes concentrate BLACKCURRANT extract in the form of CURRANZ tablets which include the active ingredient blackcurrant anthocyanin-rich extract (BAE)

It tastes nice, I like blackcurrant jam in any case so this supplement had me sold on my currants of choice in any case. In all sporting seriousness, review the older scientific studies below, these do offer race-day performance booting potential as well as improved DOMS.

Also, check out the latest study: CURRANZ supports recovery through the management of OS and inflammation which concludes by stating

Daily consumption of BAE for 5 weeks serves to enhance the exercise recovery effectiveness of a single consumption of BAE and promotes beneficial/protective antioxidant/anti-inflammatory cellular events that facilitate exercise recovery.

Other pesky Science:


CurraNZ – Summary of claims for improved ENDURANCE SPORTS performances

Many thanks to reader sbobet for the feedback and her usage of 1 tab per day for a month.

‘Review’ with discount Code

PS I get free samples from the manufacturer from time-to-time but never any money.


CURRANZ Review – Blackcurrant Performance Enhancement


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