Garmin Trade-In – Clever Deal


Garmin Singapore is making a bold offer to take ANY watch as a part-exchange on a new Fenix 6 or Venu. Depending on the watch you want to buy you can get between S$100 and S$300 off. And the watch you are trading in doesn’t even have to work, it can be in any condition.

I wonder if this sneaky but clever ruse will continue in other Garmin localities?

Garmin seems to typically fix headline prices on their own site and tend not to disrupt partner-reseller sales too much. For obvious reasons…they’re partners. Trade-ins, like that offered here by Garmin Singapore, can be seen as an acceptable way to bypass the normal way of working even though Garmin are effectively offering a no-strings-attached chunky discount.



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1 thought on “Garmin Trade-In – Clever Deal

  1. given that garmin commonly send out refurbshed units as warranty replacements they could actually make good use of trade-in watches.

    a common blocker to upgrade is the “but my current watch works fine” so a trade-in deal could be very persuasive

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