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Stages DASH has previously had infrequent but large firmware updates. That was heartening for current users when a new version hit the internet but annoying for other riders enduring a minor bug for an extended period. So perhaps this 2.2 update today from Stages signals a change in tack toward more frequent updates? Even if it does, there is still quite a lot in today’s update.

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First up is the most important fix, aka a new feature, that allows the DASH to automatically enter power saving after a period of inactivity. There have been numerous times when I have set out for a ride only to find the Dash was down to a critical battery level. I’ve set mine for 20 minutes and I’m still wondering why this wasn’t in v1.01.

The workout graph has got even better and the map tool has improved pan and zoom – full details are shown further below. Looks nice. And I’m intrigued by the support for Assioma…mine was already ‘supported’ so I’m not sure what this extra level of support is…answers below please if you know.

For the intrigued: The Dash is a feature-packed bike computer and I do kinda like it – it even supports VARIA RADAR. However, it’s a somewhat complex & techy beast that fits into a complex ecosystem and is DEFINITELY NOT for everyone. If you really like your data and have invested widely in Stages Link and Stages PMs then the Dash will be somewhere close to perfect for you. You’ve probably already seen dcrainmaker’s nicely positive review which touches on several aspects of the Dash. I’m not sure when mine will come out. Maybe in April.



Date: 17 March 2020

Current Firmware Release #: v2.2.0

Replaces Release #: v2.1.1


Notable Features:

  • Map tool update – streamlined pan and zoom functionality.
  • Workout graph enhancements:
    • Power/heart rate graphs now appear on top of target values in the workout graph.
    • Target range is now shaded on the workout graph (instead of max target value).
    • Workout graph zooms to the current for the first 30 seconds, then shows the current and next 4 intervals.
    • Graph y-axis includes a 100 W buffer above the largest interval target.
    • Workout graph remains viewable past the end of a workout.
  • Sleep mode added.
  • Charging indication while Dash is powered off.
  • Outer and inner interval support through Stages Link workout builder.



  • New tones specific to radar notifications.
  • Added Thai language.
  • Added wheel size prompt when adding a new speed sensor.
  • Snooze phone notifications temporarily during a ride using the shortcut overlay.
  • Stages LR meters paired via Bluetooth now show left/right balance.
  • Changes to any settings in the Link app will immediately show up on the Dash.
  • Veloviewer courses exported as FIT files now have navigation cues.
  • Added support for Favero Assioma pedals.
  • Added support for Cinch power meters.
  • Added support for PowerTap pedals.


Bug Fixes:

  • Shortcut menu functions as intended while viewing the sensor search page.
  • Power and cadence averages in .FIT files are consistent with Dash UI.
  • Garmin speed sensors paired to profiles with sensor pause enabled no longer cause numerous start/stop notifications.
  • Correct speed data is now recorded during GPS pause (speed prior to pause is no longer held as a constant).
  • Garmin Vector pedals ANT ID’s now appear correctly in sensor menus.
  • Rides completed on the last day of some months appear in the correct month within ride history.
  • Average speed displayed during a ride now matches the average speed reported in ride history.
  • Files over 2GB are now successfully deleted when executing a factory reset.
  • Dash now drops power and cadence values to 0 while stopped.
  • Lap average speed now displays correctly in the lap summary overlay.


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