CORRECTION *London* Lockdown at 5pm (leaked then delayed)

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hey folks. you heard it here first

5 PM today and the UK will announce full lockdown measures. That’s 90 minutes….

Correction: London only

now confirmed on BBC, albeit belatedly, albeit piecemeal as this image shows.

Source: BBC 18 March 2020 … about 1 hour after this post was published

Edit: Hmmm, didn’t happen. It clearly WAS planned and probably that was due to the unexpected rise in the numbers today.


Source: a cycling friend’s partner runs the covid response for a large company


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Its now 5:30pm, looks out of London window…. NO lockdown!


Unless you in China, these things seem to be more like recommendations.

stan narovlyansky

Can you change the layout of the site? Its so confusing now.

tfk, the5krunner

desktop or mobile please