BAE Consumption Mitigates Against Seasonal Opportunitic Infections (Maybe)

curranzI’m a fan of the purple stuff. To most people that means BEETROOT juice but to me that also includes concentrate BLACKCURRANT extract in the form of CURRANZ tablets which include the active ingredient blackcurrant anthocyanin-rich extract (BAE).


This article from CURRANZ looks at some studies highlighting the potential prevention of “opportunistic infections”, which include circulating seasonal viruses and bacteria by using a natural supplement such as blackcurrant extract, which has no side effects, is also particularly good for the elderly, who often have weakened immune systems.

OK. You can see where that is going but it’s a very short article and worth a quick glance.


It does use these references

  1. R. Hurst et alConsumption of an Anthocyanin-Rich Extract Made From New Zealand Blackcurrants Prior to Exercise May Assist Recovery From Oxidative Stress and Maintains Circulating Neutrophil Function: A Pilot Study” Frontiers In Nutrition (2019)
  2. A. Ivanov et al, “Oxidative Stress in Infection and Consequent Disease” Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity (2017)
  3. R. Hurst et al “Daily Consumption of an Anthocyanin-Rich Extract Made From New Zealand Blackcurrants for 5 Weeks Supports Exercise Recovery Through the Management of Oxidative Stress and Inflammation: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Pilot Study” Frontiers in Nutrition (2020)
  4.  A Rodriguez “Role of IgA in the defence against respiratory infections: IgA deficient mice exhibited increased susceptibility to intranasal infection with Mycobacterium bovisBCG.” Vaccine, (2004)
  5. A Chorny et al “Regulation and Function of Mucosal IgA and IgD” Molecular Medical Microbiology (2015)



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