Bonza Bike Bag – 48 hour sale

This one just popped into my inbox and is a great deal for the UK on Bonza Bike Bags. These will be ideal for your trip to Europe for any remaining duathlon/triathlons that haven’t been cancelled and, of course, for that super-cheap European cycling holiday, you could book right now.

A mate of mine used one last year and they are the cheapest way to cover your bike for a flight somewhere. The advantage over the hard box is that you don’t go over the weight limit and so avoid paying £60/£100 or whatever it is for that (BA..grrrrr). Clearly there is less protection from the canvas sides but my mate was alright. Interesting there IS a clever internal frame that you fasten your bike onto.

The image clicks to their site and you use the code BIKEBAG60.

If you want to help me 😉 and get a hard one (ahem) then try one of these at Wiggle: the semi-rigid LifeLine looks good for your wallet at £89 but the name won’t reflect your testosterone levels 😉 Sorry, I’ll grow up now, I don’t usually do smut or bad language on this site but these are hard times.



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