Zwift redundancies

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Check out this report from dcrainmaker as Zwift is laying off some staff.

Apparently this has nothing to do with Covid19 and everything to do with freeing up resources to enable Zwift to “develop new hardware”. Which sounds interesting but, hey, not a great time to lay people off. dcrainmaker speculates on the possibility of an acquisition of a smart bike.

The redundancies are also NOT related to the still-free Zwift running service which is little-used. Although having said that, I’ve been using Zwift run once or twice a week over the winter. Obviously not now, as the gyms are closed. When I was using it, it was somewhat nicely distracting to have a different screen to look at as well as the rubbish daytime TV in the gym.

Alongside Zwift, I’ve also enjoyed using the Runn treadmill sensor and the Garmin Virtual Run app much more than I thought I would and both of those are pretty cool IMHO. More info below – worth a quick read.

To the future: If we all get locked-down into our houses, I have a cunning plan. Why don’t we offer to rent a treadmill from our locally-owned gym? It would give them a couple of hundred quid per machine (or whatever the going rate) and allow those of us lucky enough to have some pain-cave space a means to go running. Just a thought.


Garmin Virtual Run – First Run – on Zwift Through to STRAVA


NPE Runn Review | Zwift Garmin Smart Sensor for Treadmills




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1 thought on “Zwift redundancies

  1. If only I wasn’t in old vicotorian flat with some very bulky and muscular downstairs neighboor i would have buy a treadmill in a iffy, i am dying to be able to go for a run!!!

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