SRAM launches AXS Web

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SRAM launches AXS Web

For those of you in Shimano-world (me), this is like E-tube on steroids.

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In a nutshell: Create your bike profiles in the app and add the various components on them. With the AXS app, you can then also tinker with the settings on those components that allow it. Naturally, you can update firmware here too as well as monitoring battery levels or even (electronic) tyre pressures.

Currently, AXS Component Compatibility includes these

  • RED eTap AXS
  • Force eTap AXS
  • XX1/XO1 Eagle AXS
  • RockShox Reverb AXS
  • All Quarq AXS & DZero Power Meters


I do have a limited amount of SRAM componentry but all my clever, electronic stuff is from Shimano, so I won’t have much use for this new app myself. However, from what I’ve seen, this platform/app looks notably superior to Shimano’s. Shimano’s E-tube app is clunky at best, although it ‘works’.

The thing is, I use Shimano’s E-tube app maybe once a quarter and it’s perfectly fine. If my PM, head unit or Varia batteries run low then they all tell me soon enough – be it on the head unit itself and/or when I get back home to my analysis software. Do I need an extra layer of alerts or maintenance reminders? Probably not.

It does look cool though. Someone somewhere will be very happy with this news.



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