Datev Challenge Roth – well communicated cancellation but keeps 90 euros of your money

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A report on Slowtwich covers the understandable need to cancel the 2020 Datev Challenge Roth event.

The organisers also have rightly given 2020-registered competitors the priority to book a place in 2021.

The cancellation has generally been handled and communicated EXTREMELY well – for example, there’s a great video, below, and there is a lot of info on the Datev Challenge Roth website.

Yet it looks like everyone who has paid to enter will get a partial refund LESS 90 Euros for ‘admin’. WTF?!

The most difficult decision in the history of DATEV Challenge Roth


Is this actually how capitalism is supposed to work? Datev Challenge Roth is making entrants pay for its own event setup fees and financial commitments with the excuse that they are a ‘family run business’. I suspect Rothschilds bank is/was a family-run business too….wait a minute….DATEV…that’s the corporate sponsor, right?

I would imagine that Datev Challenge Roth is a highly profitable event. It sells out within days (hours) and is not cheap. Indeed some of my training buddies have done Roth on a couple of occasions…some quite wealthy and 90Euros is nothing to them, another is in self-isolation and will be lucky to have a job when he gets out of it.

No doubt the Walchshöfer family (organisers) had event cancellation insurance; no doubt the insurers will have wriggle room not to pay out.

When Datev Challenge Roth made a profit in previous years, did they share the profit with race entrants…errr. You know the answer without me telling you. Share the profit and share the risk…fair enough. Take the profits and share the risk…NOT fair enough.

If there were a nominal 10 or 20 Euros for admin, then I guess that would be reasonable. Not 90 Euros.

If your race entry and the race entry fee was rolled over to 2021, that would be fair enough too. PLEASE someone tell me that is an option.

Unfortunately for Datev Challenge Roth THEY are cancelling the event and breaking the contract and you have hopefully paid by credit card. Talk to your card provider and I would imagine that you might stand a chance of getting your 90 euros back….if you want to. If not, let them keep it.


As they say. #WeAreAllInThisTogether aka #YouAreAllPayingForThisTogether





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3 thoughts on “Datev Challenge Roth – well communicated cancellation but keeps 90 euros of your money

  1. Also awesome are sentences like: we have no foreign sponsor. Thats true, the sponsor is a big German company.

    I now 90€ is a lot of money, the put it in the “AGB” (don’t now the English translation, its the text you agree on terms of business) and call it a fee for working on the subscription.

    They even ask people to spend more. I think, their standing would have been better when they didnt take 90€ fees and just ask the athletes for support.

    1. rings a vague bell. I guess entrants there could claim the money back on their CREDIT cards. (not debit)
      depends on the cancellation clause in the contract. I would imagine in the future event organisers are going to add onerous conditions about forced race cancellations

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