Coros – ‘nice to have’ firmware goodies + sporttracks imminent demise

new Coros Firmware and a reminder about SportTacks 3.1 and Runalyze

Coros has slowly been updating the features on their Vertix, Apex and Pace models. Bit-by-bit, month-by-month they have evolved into highly competent outdoor and multisport sports watches with awesome battery life and good looks to boot. The feature set has always been good and today’s new additions are starting to add in some of the nice-to-have features like the transmission of HR over Bluetooth and Runalyze integration. Even obscure stuff is now starting to be added like MGRS support for GPS (no I didn’t either! – see link further below)



  • Adds Battery Usage feature to track your watch habit and provide the estimated battery time remaining. Press and hold the BACK/LAP button to access this feature via the toolbox menu.
  • Adds Bluetooth-supported heart rate broadcast feature. Press and hold the BACK/LAP button to access this feature via the toolbox menu.
  • Adds Nutrition Alert feature that provides time-based reminders during workouts.
  • Adds Lap Vertical Speed data type for Trail Run, Hike, Mountain Climb and Bike modes.
  • Adds breadcrumb navigation feature for Multisport and Ski Touring modes.
  • Adds lap as a distance option for interval training under Track Run mode.
  • Adds MGRS capability for GPS coordinates.
  • Adds customization for workout modes and toolbox menu so that unused features can be rearranged on the watch via Device page on the COROS app.
  • Adds full Polish support as system language.
  • Stores data page preferences to the COROS account in case of watch reset and new watch pairing.
  • Adds Runalyze integration. 


Coros’ inclusion of Runalyze integration is a handy reminder that next week SporTracks 3.1 reaches end-of-life and one of the free routes forwards would be to try RUNALYZE – info on the image to the right.

Coros Futures?

Coros hinted at STRYD support some time ago but then brought out their own pod, so will the next announcement move them further down the running power route?

Coros has a history of releasing LOTS of new watch variants. Perhaps there is something to look forward to there? or maybe the world’s current supply chain issues will hold back Coros just like everyone else?

We will see.



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9 thoughts on “Coros – ‘nice to have’ firmware goodies + sporttracks imminent demise

  1. It seems like if one only needs a Multisport/sport watch, Coros is becoming more interesting each release.
    I really hate Garmins halfbaken thinks. PhysioTrueUp doesnt sync all thinks like training load. Instead you have to either cope with haven two load stats or track the activity on the watch and the edge and delete one afterwards.

    Buying the Index and selling my Withings up front was the biggest mistake in terms of Fitness hardware I ever made. First it didn’t sync for 1.5 years and now it still doesnt support multiple weight ins. Also, the visualization in Withings HealthMate App was the best I’ve ever seen for smart scales.

    I just don’t want to leave the ecosystem where all my data is in there. I really like to use only one place, but also dislike a lot of Garmins smaller decisions.

    1. You can always use your watch and share the screen from your watch (Fenix) to your edge to help with the Physio TrueUp issue. I hear you though, I think Garmin insults their users by having them pay premiums for their halfbaked goods that don’t work together.

  2. I absolutely love the Runalyze integration as the people running it are really dedicated to the site. The only thing holding me back from making the switch is that Stryd support….but I could always import the fit file from Styrd to Runalyze….

    Though I will admit I know nothing of the Coros pod.

    1. i was looking at runalyze today…thought i saw stryd support??? i’ll have to re-check

      1. It piggybacks by Connected services (Ex: Garmin, Polar), or you can manually upload a .fit file.

        Unless I’m missing it, there’s not a direct partnership with Runalyze and Stryd.

        I’m going to take the plunge and pick up the Apex Pro and their running pod. After running a known 5.25-mile path earlier and my 945 only recorded 3.62 miles (Yeah, I don’t know either) AND while using my current-gen Stryd, I am thoroughly done with Garmin.

        Off topic- I’ve been away from the site for a bit, wanted to reach out and say that I hope you, your family and everyone around you are safe from this Pandemic.

      2. Thank you Justin, your absence was noted and missed. It makes the return that much sweeter!
        We are all good, thank you. We are worried about some who are close to us and who might be ‘at risk’…so far so good.
        Naturally, I’m thinking of everyone who regularly contributes here and wishing them the best.

      3. Thanks for the return well wishes. Back to the Apex Pro point for a second because I ordered it and their pod (because, why the hell not) and one thing stood out that I didn’t notice when I ordered it and has been a dealbreaker for me for years now.

        The weight.

        The Apex Pro is 59g. That is also with a titanium body AND sapphire glass. The Forerunner 945 is 55g with plastic and mineral glass and is $100 bucks more?

        Look, you know me, I bemoan the weight of everything. I had a brick on my arm for years (Fenix 3HR), I don’t want something heavy. The Apex Pro having nearly every feature I want in a device and being built well is dream come true. The only thing now I am concerned about is if I should be using my HRM-Dual+ for workouts with it or my Polar H10.

      4. what price weight? what price software features?

        I’ve not got a dual. I am using the H9 which is almost the same as the h10 (I have a h10 and hrm-tri and will buy the hrm-pro when it finally comes out…so much for the ski features/power on that 🙁 )

  3. The mentioned “support” on the landing page of Runalyze means that we support all the data Stryd writes into fit files. Still in contact with Stryd for a direct sync (but they are busy with their own site & apps in the moment)

    Stay healthy, Stay home!

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