Cycling Mecca – Richmond Park – Closes to cyclists from tomorrow. STRAVA to turn off a few servers


One of the most densely-packed STRAVA segments locations in the world will close to cyclists from tomorrow (Saturday). Yep, that’s Richmond Park in London. No doubt the reduced volume of STRAVA-logged activities will mean that STRAVA can save a few quid by turning off a server or two as a relief from a slight fall in demand.

UK residents are currently encouraged to take one daily piece of exercise providing they say two metres away from people they don’t live with. I’ve been doing exactly that and, I have to say, without exception all the VERY MANY people I saw and passed were all doing just that.

Contrast that that to the dog walkers whose dogs seem exempt from spreading the COVID19 in their fur as they are greeting each other on the end of those extended leads. No doubt there is not much covid19 spread by the massive surface area of a dog’s densely packed fur.

Specifically, yesterday was a joy to cycle in  Richmond Park with no cars. Families were taking the opportunity to, for once, cycle safely together on the roads (that’s allowed) and everyone else, including me, was giving them and each other 2 metres clear space. There WERE a lot of cyclists and walkers and EVERYONE was behaving sensibly.

I know. I have an idea. If everyone is behaving sensibly but I don’t like cyclists, let’s just stop them.

I know. I have an idea. Let’s close the parks but still encourage people to go out WALKING but keep them close to each other as they are confined to narrow .pavements.

Naturally, I’m thankful that we currently are permitted more freedoms than other countries. I suspect that confinement will soon be with us in the UK eg I’m off to row in my pain cave right now if I can find my Concept II

Stay safe folks.

Press Release:

Cycling in Richmond Park will be suspended until further notice from Saturday 28th March to support social distancing guidelines as set out by the government to stay 2m apart and to prevent crowds at park gates which are becoming hugely congested says The Royal Parks, the charity which manages London’s eight Royal Parks.

A Royal Parks spokesperson, said: “It is necessary to suspend all cycling in Richmond Park to protect public safety and ultimately help keep this vital green space open for everyone. Cycling is still permitted in the other Royal Parks, where there is no current evidence of congestion.

“We’re continuously monitoring the situation and intervening where appropriate, with the support of the police, to reduce congestion in all areas across all our parks. Many Parks are closing across the UK because people aren’t following the Government’s guidelines and people are gathering in groups of more than two. We really want to keep our eight Parks open across London as they are such important green spaces for those that can reach them safely for daily exercise and to walk in nature.”

NHS workers can continue to cycle though (sic) the park if they show their staff pass.

The Royal Parks is appealing to everyone to please remain at least 2 metres (6 feet) apart from each other and there must be no gatherings of more than 2 people outside your immediate household at all times – that includes no groups of people cycling, walking or jogging, no group picnics and no sitting on a bench next to someone outside your household. We recommend that dogs are kept on leads, particularly in the deer parks.

Thank you to everyone who is following these rules but if they continue to be disregarded we will have no choice but to close.

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  1. Agree on the dogs. Here in North London is the same. Smart cycling (and running) is pretty much harmless in the big scheme of things.

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