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Nike Infinity React Review

This Nike Infinity React Review covers Nike’s latest Neutral and Cushioned shoe model released on January 30, 2020.

Nike Infinity React Review They are the natural evolution of the various Epic React 2 models, but also of the Odyssey React 1 and 2. From the aesthetic point of view, they are very similar to what has already been seen, but the real difference is not aesthetic but functional. Having had the shoe available before the official release, here we are with the detailed review and video. If you have read the various reviews of this type of shoe, we advise you to make yourself comfortable because compared to the previous models, there are some significant innovations. Here is our opinion anyway.

Nike Infinity React Review – Opinion

We will never tire of repeating it, the cushioning technology is the differentiating factor between a successful shoe and an anonymous shoe. Furthermore, the choice of a running shoe is always based on personal preference, therefore it is difficult to be objective and deliver a true evaluation because each foot is different from that of another runner. Let’s also not forget that the running goals of the runners are varied.

In the last two years, Nike did not include cushioned/plushy shoes in its catalogue. They focused on lighter, performance-oriented shoes which “make you faster”. That forget however a big chunk of the running population who enjoy the pleasure of running. Does the Nike Infinity mark a change in the design philosophy?

Nike Infinity React Review – the main questions to answer

Let’s try to answer these points

  • What are the main features of the Nike Infinity React?
  • What makes them suitable for running at all paces?
  • How does the Infinity React compare to Epic and Odyssey?
  • Which kinds of runners do Nike target?
  • What is the running behaviour? at what rhythms? and for what distance?

Here are the questions we tried to answer in this detailed Nike Infinity React Review. To guide the reader in the review, the article is divided into sections.

Youtube Overview

Disclaimer: The Nike Infinity React review ed here were offered free of charge by Nike.

Note: mistakenly the drop of the review was indicated to be 10 mm, instead it is 9 mm.

General features

The Nike Infinity React is a “neutral”, category A3 shoe, suitable for runners with neutral support, but also for light pronators, they have a drop of 9mm. Available at launch in one colour with the white upper and multicolour details, the Nike Infinity React is characterized by being targetted for slow workouts. Among other things, in the United States, the White / Black and the Crimson Red versions are already available.

Infinity React is characterized as an all-rounder shoe for people of all builds. In particular, there is an increase in weight compared to the Epic and Odyssey versions that is due to a greater quantity of React foam. They are perhaps less responsive than other models, but at least for the short sprints at the end of training they can allow you to run at a good pace:

In recent months we have made several reviews of Nike shoes, at the link you can find the selection of the best shoes of the American company.

Technical features

Let’s look at the technical characteristics of the Nike Infinity React and then the specific characteristics of the React foam itself, finally, we will discuss the impact on running.

Nike has always built streamlined and narrower shoes in the forefoot, this time around, the shoe is relatively wider in the midfoot and forefoot. In addition, the stretched upper ensures more space in the front of the foot.


The Nike Infinity React has a slightly higher weight than the previous version, 269 grams on the size 42 (US 9) model.

The ground clearance has changed with 24mm in the forefoot. It should also be noted that, contrary to Epic, the contact with the ground is mediated not only by the React midsole but also by a generous rubber on the whole sole.

Summary of the main technical characteristics

Weight: 269 ​​g (size 42 1/2)
Sole heights: 33 mm (heel), 24 mm (forefoot)

Available width: D = medium
Sock (based on width D)

    • Fit: standard
    • Heel width : narrow
    • Midfoot Volume: medium
    • Forefoot width: medium
    • Forefoot height : medium
    • Arch height: medium-high

Differences from the Nike Epic React 2

Although aesthetically very similar, there are some differences that make the shoe softer and more cushioned than the React 2, this significantly affects the running behaviour:

  • The addition of a greater quantity of React midsole makes the shoe more cushioned and (slightly) heavier;
  • The enlargement of the shoe gives more stability, thus increasing the cohort of the runners to whom it is suitable;
  • A significant amount of rubber has been added to the midsole;
  • Foam support has been further improved, ensuring greater stability with new technology;
  • The improvement of the shell makes the shoe feel slightly more rigid and containing;
  • The Flyknit Loft upper is made of a slightly different, more durable material. However, it is difficult to understand the impact of this in summer;
  • The logo was also changed laterally, in addition to the lacing design. But only if you pick up the two shoes or if you compare the photos will you be able to notice it.

Aesthetics and form

The previous image shows the Infinity React in all its beauty. It’s a good-looking shoe, although the combination of bright colours probably is not to everyone’s liking – an example of the bright colours is the unusual yellow collar.

Turning to the technical construction of the shoe, the midsole of Infinity React always ensures excellent cushioning. The greater amount of foam offers a softness perhaps never experienced before with such a Nike shoe. As for the upper, it has two types of Flyknit, the usual one in the back and a more durable one in the front, where the holes for perspiration have been reduced. However, there are no separate panels and the tongue is an integral part of the shoe.


The lacing is once again aesthetically elegant. In the Epic React 2 model, there were two plastic blocks; in this case, four were designed, without changing the number of holes available for laces. The goal is to ensure comfort and at the same time a good lock on the foot. The laces are traditional, the plastic part works relatively well, ensuring greater structural durability. Finally, the lacing is slightly wide to facilitate the comfort of the instep:


The heel area is the part that has changed the most since the Epic React. Comparing the shoe with the Epic React 2 in the photo below, you can immediately see the difference:

As soon as worn, the feeling of comfort remains, but with a degree more stiffness. The plastic section has been extended by 2-3 cm and now reaches the medial part. The foot is certainly much more ‘contained’ and the run will be more controlled. Precisely for this reason, we believe the claim that the Infinity design reduces unwanted foot movements foot, so reducing the risk of injury.

During a race, the cushioning will be perceived differently from the other models, due to the series of design features we have just described. The front part of the heel remains simple, without seams, is very comfortable and remains pleasant to wear:


Everything has changed here with a somewhat aesthetically psychedelic design. From a design history view-point, Nike has added what it had removed in previous models, citing Nike marketing documents, ” more rubber on the sole for better traction and greater resistance “. In our tests, we confirm that. 

Nike Infinity React Review

The front is completely covered with rubber, with a very strange wavy shape:

Nike Infinity React Review The rubber part is less pronounced toward the rear, in coinciding with the main points of contact with the ground:

Nike Infinity React Review

Seen from the side, the React sole also shows its geometrically irregular shape. Unlike previous models, which were criticized for the (little) traction on the ground in unfavourable conditions, this time we noticed a better grip:

Nike Infinity React Review

Concluding this section, we say that the tread design encourages forward motion caused by a slight sensation of forward propulsion, which you might appreciate by watching the earlier video. We confirm from racing that Nike has really hit the mark in this regard.

Running behaviour

After almost two years of racing with shoes with the React midsole, we are convinced that this cushioning technology is a winner, precisely because of its ability to manage a fantastic cushioning-to-weight ratio. With Infinity, this ratio has been further increased by increasing the amount of React in the midsole.

Slow Race on Asphalt – Nike Infinity React Review

The slow-paced Nike Infinity React is fairly light and well-cushioned. Even if the contact of the React midsole is countered by the generous rubber, there are no other elements that notably influence its running behaviour. As everyone who has used this technology will know, the React midsole has a very uniform spread of cushioning. In our opinion, the variable geometry sole does not have much impact on running behaviour, it might not facilitate forward propulsionas the sole is not be very reactive.

What we noticed with the previous version was additional stability derived from the wider plant, the shape of the midsole and the shell. With this version, stability is further improved, due to the lateral plastic design that extends to the midfoot.

Medium and fast races Nike Infinity React Review

Although Gabriele managed to crank them up to 3:05/km pace, the Infinity remains a versatile shoe, thanks to the good weight / cushioning ratio, but they are clearly not designed to be used on the track or for fast sessions. There are certainly better shoes for those conditions both from Nike and their competition.

And for long distances? at first glance, they certainly have excellent Marathon credentials or for use on long Sundays.

Duration Nike Infinity React Review

We will not tire of repeating that the durability of a shoe is a function of several parameters, both objective and subjective, including the weight and running biomechanics of the wearer. So far we have covered just under 200 km, but the photos show that there have been no particular structural failures. We would class this as a 600-800km shoe.

We confirm that the generous presence of React midsole, as well as rubber on the tread, allows you to use your shoes for a long time, at least 600km without major structural deterioration. Even the upper seems to be able to last a long time unless you have purchased too small a size

Nike Infinity React ReviewConclusions for this Nike Infinity React Review

Nike Infinity React Review

The first models of Epic React impressed us for their lightness. We believe that the Infinity React can offer its audience a change of course from the Nike Vomero 14 by restoring what had been taken away, namely: more softness, more cushioning.

We think that the Infinity React will appeal to a slice of runners who are looking beyond performance with a desire to run in comfort and without injuries.

Prices and availability

Nike Infinity React ReviewAt list price, the shoe costs €161 and is initially only available on the Nike site for Nike+ members. It will be available in other online retailers from January 30th. Here are the main choices at the attached links:

Retailer average price Purchase link
Nike £139.95 / € 161 UK Link / EU link
Maxisport € 159 link

Original Author: Massi Milan (biography), with permission

Editor/translator: the5krunner


Nike Infinity React Review
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Thanks for the review.
Not a single mention of the fabulous Nike Pegasus series? I’m currently on the Pegasus 36 (have been since Pegasus 32) and I am flying (have both trail and classic version).