STRAVA Summit Packs are DEAD, Long Live STRAVA Summit

That's right you can no longer buy individual STRAVA Summit packs...just all of them together instead

Strava Runner Motivations

Strava does some extensive research to delve into the motivations behind why we run..and when..and how…

new Wahoo Elemnt Bolt STEALTH

Pretty-looking, new Wahoo FItness ELEMNT Stealth hits the shelves plus some new e-bike metrics

Sigma Rox 12 updated – Sigma Announces new firmware

Firmware goodies announced today

Triathlon Apps for Wear OS

All the apps on Wear OS for taking you through your next triathlon race.

STRAVA Adds (Back) Chronological Feed

STRAVA has just rolled out a new feature. It's so new that even my Summit Accounts…

2021 – Suunto Wear OS App |

It’s sometime in 2021. the sun is shining and it’s a brave new world. COVID-19 has…

new features for Wahoo and Wear OS? Speculation

User surveys suggest new features are inbound from Wahoo and for Google's Wear OS

new STRAVA Activty Cropping, Auto-Flagging & More |

A quick look at exmple of why you might want to use STRAVA ACTIVITY CROPPING

Suunto 7 Review | Best for Wear OS now with Spotify

Suunto 7 Review - A highly impressive smart sports watch for Wear OS. It's the Apple…

Karoo now supports structured workouts from Training Peaks

Structured workout support added for the HAMMERHEAD KAROO when linking to TRAINING PEAKS (more to follow?)