STRAVA Live Segments – Best Ever Implementation? Hammerhead Karoo

Is this the best-ever implementation of STRAVA Live Segments. We take a quick, sneak-peek

UK Closing Down Sale – Cycle Surgery

Cycle Surgery Closing Down sale

Thumper Mini Pro Review | Sport Massager Comparison

One of several new percussive Massagers. This Thumper Mini Pro Review discusses a GREAT one for…

Garmin Battery State – CIQ Battery Goodies from Kurev

Interesting new battery widget for your connected Garmin sensors just hit the CIQ store.

A new Google Watch? or simply a Wear OS re-brand?

Conclusive proof that perhaps, err maybe, err perhaps not, a new Fitbit Watch by Google is…

Garmin Q1.2020 Revenues UP

Garmin Q1.2020 revenues are published and they are UP on last year. They remove guidance for…

Fitbit Deals Galore

Great deals on almost all the Fitbit range if y ou know where to look

archive QuietOn Sleep Review 💤😴💤 Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Gen 2: QuietOn Sleep Review 2020 version. Detail Look at Sleep Buds with Active Noise Cancelling…

MOTIV Ring – bites the dust – Proxy acquires Motiv

  I’ve been following fitness rings for some time now and reviewed the MOTIV ring in…

Zone3 Wetsuit Discounts

As the imaginary 2020 triathlon season kicks off, wetsuit prices firmly stay at rrp. Where RRP…

Withings new SLEEP ANALYZER – Sleep Sensing & Home Automation Pad

Withings have announced a replacement of their old Withings Sleep (under-mattress mat) with their new Withings…

Tuesday Tidbits: Superman, Shimano, Scotsman and Belgium

  Here are 3 articles I recently found to be a good read, good watch and…

Polar Grit X – I never knew that

All the things you never really wanted to know and really didn't want to ask

new Hammerhead Karoo 2 – Leaks and first thoughts

Lance Armstrong gets hold of the new KAROO 2

Polar Vantage V & V650 get KOMOOT Support

Polar Vantage supports route synchronisation from KOMOOT but not TBT

Polar Grit X Review – covering Grit X Pro, Grit X Pro Titan

Polar Grit X Review : Polar's best-ever sports watch? I like it but the V800 was…

Polar Grit X Specifications

A new GPS watch from Polar with the Grit X - let's look at what's changed…

Garmin 6 Beta Features pulled

The new MTB features penned in beta for the Fenix 6 have been pulled back out…

new Garmin 6 firmware goodies on the way

new Garmin firmware goodies. Time to get a LITTLE bit excited...but not too much. Have a…

N-1 = Specialized

One specialized less leaves more space for what?

Polar Hinting At Something

Polar’s Facebook page, below, is teasing us with the link which takes you to the…

40% off New Balance Favorite models $150 off some adidas – Deals of the Week at JackRabbit USA

Black Friday | Cyber Monday | Deals | Sales

Apple Watch new Sync to Training Peaks

new Apple Watch workout sync to Training Peaks should work from today

Coros 2020 Plans Leaked…and more

New watches, new plans and new features from the upstart of sports watches...Coros as they build…

up to 50% off Inov-8 … Run Gym Hike

Up to 50% off Inov-8

Stages Dual Power Meter Gen 3 LR Accuracy

Stages Dual Power Meter Gen 3 LR Accuracy back to main Stages Dual Power Meter Gen…

updates for Garmin Index Smart Scale

Finally, a much-wanted and, frankly, a much-overdue feature is just about to hit your current Garmin…

Stages Gen 3 Review | Stages Generation 3 Power Meter G3 PM LR Dual |

Stages Generation 3 Review | Detailed look at Stages Cycling Gen3, dual-sided, crank-based power meters.

Free 5k, 10k Running Plan

Quick. 5 personalised 5k/10k plans up for grabs.

Jabra Elite Active 75t Review | Jabra Elite 75t Review

Market-leading sports earbuds. The best got slightly better.

new STRAVA Weather Service vs. Klimat Strava add-in

Let's compare STRAVA's 'new' weather service to the STRAVA plugin from

4iiii and Quarq Price Drops

4iiii brings down the price of dual-crank PMs and extends warranties to an impressive 3 years

new Garmin Quatix 6

New Garmin Quatix 6 - A Mariner's Fenix 6 with extra oceanic, salty features

STRYD Structured Workouts – major app update

STRYD Structured Workouts are ready to go

Wahoo ROAM – April Cashback Deal 13% off

I was pleasantly impressed with the WAHOO ELEMNT ROAM last year…mainly because it was like the…

Xert to introduce SMART Workout v2

Xert's new smart workouts about to hit an app near you

SportsTracks is no more

Sporttracks reaches end of life