SportsTracks is no more

Sporttracks users will wake today to find a new message emblazoned on the beloved SportTracks desktop v3.1. The key part of that message is END OF LIFE.

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As of April 1st (yes I see the irony) SporTtracks 3.1 still seems to be working for me. But don’t be complacent.

At some point, however, it will check your licence against the SporTracks server. And I assume that will NOT be working. I further assume, but do not know, that at that point your software will revert to trial software.

IIRC this means you will get an annoying message each time you start it and you will only be able to run 2 plugins.

It’s less clear what will happen to the paid-for plugins. I believe that OMB will keep HIS licence validation server running and he has written a lot of the plugins I use. Other plugins are free and so should keep running. The most important one to me is MECHGT’s Training Load, I don’t know about that.


My strategy?

  • Stage 1: Apathy.
  • Stage 2: Wait until it reverts to the trial mode and then choose 2 plugins. If I have to, restart sporttracks to enable them selectively
  • Stage 3. Consider Runalyze
  • Stage 4: Use DCR’s analyzer for my the5krunner comparisons. His tool is better than OVERLAY in any case.
  • Stage 5: Give up sport and go back to playing pool drinking beer and pretending I’m 25.

Other Points/Options on the plugins, with the important problem areas that affect me highlighted

  • I use Elevation correction. I can get around that with fitfilerepairtool
  • I use export2tcx. I can get around that with fitfilerepairtool
  • I use Mean/Max – DCR Analyzer, many other tools
  • I use Overlay –  DCR Analyzer, many other tools
  • I use Training Load – this is my problem. I just want the history and ease of use. Runalyze or Golden Cheetah do similar (there are many others eg Elevate/Stravixtix)
  • I use Pool Swimming – I can’t see anything as good as this anywhere.
  • Garmin FIT – doesn’t import elevation properly anymore in any case.







SportsTracks 3- no more

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