Xert to introduce SMART Workout v2

new Xert Features

Yep, Version 2 from Xert is going to be a whole lot better than version 1. 1 better in fact 😉 and that will include 4 new feature areas that are currently being pushed through beta testing.

What is Xert?

It’s a training platform that includes the usual training charts and workouts as well as some additional functionality for Garmin CIQ devices. It’s worth looking into as there is some free stuff including a free FTP cIQ app and a free optimal cadence and a free Strava Live SEGMENT pacer which, IIRC, does NOT require STRAVA Summit (yep a real freebie).

So What?

The ‘So What?’ factor with Xert is that it turns FTP on its head and, instead, works out just EXACTLY WHAT maximal power you have available right NOW. This instant. FTP doesn’t do that…at all, well at least no-one’s implementation of it does. It’s been around for several years and IS good for either power-runners or power cyclists but a key drawback for triathletes is that Xert does NOT properly handle cross-sport fatigue…grrrr (they are working on it). So I only use it properly when I’m injured at either running or cycling.

Let’s go.

These are new features for SMART WORKOUTS

First up are RAMPED INTERVALS, where you can set target start/end values such as WATTS, %TP and others,  like this


Next, come MIXED MODE workouts. It’s a little limited right now with more modes planned. Still, you can already AUTOMATICALLY mix-n-switch ERG and SLOPE modes, like this


Previously the dynamic workouts from Xert were fixed in one sense…that being DURATION. Now even the duration can be changed with adjustments instead to INTENSITY and more of these will be added in the future. Like this


Notice how this interval step uses a final target of 98% Reserve MPA over a fixed 30-second interval. This means that the intensity of this interval will be calculated & adjusted on the fly such that you arrive at the end of the interval at 98% of your MPA reserve.

Finally we have the experimental VIDEO REMOTE PLAYER. Essentially your LIVE workout data (Power, Cadence, & HR) can now be viewed on the Xert Remote Player over any YouTube video as a background in real-time. So you can watch GCN as you workout with Xert.

More Info: xert

I have been given a free account with Xert, they don’t pay me anything and I don’t get a commission if you click that link and use or buy anything from them. I just think what they are doing is ‘correct’ as well as ‘cool’…IMHO.

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