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new STRAVA Weather Service vs. Klimat Strava add-in


STRAVA Premium for a year

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I’ve just had the latest updates in from Klimat which is a weather plugin service for STRAVA. I thought it interesting to compare Klimat’s STRAVA-based weather offering with last month’s new weather features from STRAVA themselves.


Connect the properly free KLIMAT plugin with your STRAVA here:

Klimat is a plugin for STRAVA and is super-simple to link with to get either the permanently-free or premium version. In a nutshell, it adds weather data into the description of your run and is usually careful enough not to overwrite what you may have written in that space. Check out the link above for a full list of all its weather functionality …ever. But here is the new recent stuff :

The free version of Klimat automatically adds the starting weather conditions to your activity and very many weather characteristic are also added with the premium version for both the start and end of the ride that includes Cloud Cover, Dew Point, Feels Like Temperature, Humidity, Ozone, Pressure, Temperature, UV Index, Visibility, Weather Summary, Wind Bearing and Wind Speed. You might say that KLIMAT is THE Definitive Climate Tagging Tool For STRAVA

Here is what you will see in STRAVA from both the FREEBIE version and the PREMIUM version

An interesting topical point, Klimat uses either ACCUWEATHER or DARKSKY for its weather data. I think DARKSKY was bought by Apple yesterday (02Apr2020). And then Apple promptly turned off the Android service that’s part of DARKSKY. So I’m not sure if that will affect Klimat on STRAVA. Probably not as Klimat is using it as a web service.


STRAVA’s New Weather Tagging

First up you will only see the new STRAVA weather data if you are a premium subscriber AND ONLY on mobile. I think that’s fair enough and, as above, you have the free option of Klimat if you are only mildly interested in weather data. But if you have got the STRAVA Premium then you get a simple indication of the weather as shown on the right.

Some activities will also show the ‘feels like’ temperature which accounts for wind. With cycling, I guess that irrelevant.

It’s obviously nothing fancy but I’m hoping that STRAVA will expand the functionality over time as, for example, the weather a particular point in time is pretty meaningless if you’ve just come back from a sometimes-stormy 5-hour ride. But, it’s a start.

You might also have to consider how long you take before you upload your ride. IIRC, Klimat needs you to upload within 24-hours of the end of the ride otherwise it cannot retrieve the weather data from the weather services it partners with and it might be the same for STRAVA. (That applies to the ACCUWEATHER service)

Of particular interest to the STRAVA user would be the current weather when you hit your starred segments? Particularly the wind is a key factor there.

You might also know that there are other STRAVA services that include weather-related components which alert you to potentially favourable weather conditions on some of your trickier KOM/QOM challenges. Something like the also-awesome can do that, as shown below.




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