Apple Watch new Sync to Training Peaks

Apple Watch Syncs to Training Peaks

This is a superficially strange announcement from Training Peaks as they offer Apple Watch compatibility via syncing.

Apple Watch 4 Review Nike 44mmQ: Why does a smart, ‘fitness’ watch need to sync to a pro training platform like Training Peaks (TP)?

That’s a good question and the answer is probably not immediately obvious unless, of course, you have an Apple Watch and want to sync it with TP 😉

Reasons and answers might include the following:

  • If you’re just going for an easy run then it probably doesn’t matter too much about your performance data as you run. Thus any old sync from any old device of your distance and HR back to TP is probably all you need to keep the stats up-to-date.
  • If the Apple Watch is your 24×7 watch then capturing your less serious workouts becomes much easier
  • The Apple Watch is actually pretty good in many respects for some fitness sports.
  • Why not? It seems that everything is rapidly linking with everything else. This move fills a gap that needs filling.
  • non-workouts data in Apple Health ie sleep and weight – this superficially seems a good thing to do. HOWEVER, I’m pretty sure that you can already sync Apple Health data back to TP from your iOS smartphone. So syncing health data is unlikely to be the reason for the link-up. Perhaps an imminent Apple Beddit 4 will add new features to the Apple Watch that does not require the phone to be present and thus your sleep quality can be piped directly to TP? Perhaps.

Here are some of the limitations

  • After initially authorising the link-up between TP and Apple Health, only your future workouts are sync’d
  • A full, historical sync is planned ‘later’


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