Polar Hinting At Something

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Polar’s Facebook page, below, is teasing us with the link bit.ly/Polar_X_FB which takes you to the countdown timer, above. There’s gotta be a clue there somewhere and my guess would be that FB stands for Facebook. I think he’s running to his bike, so this must be the V660 finally hitting the eShops 😉

You can sign up on Polar’s link for any official announcements.


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24 thoughts on “Polar Hinting At Something

    1. Grit X “Features include detailed uphill and downhill running statistics, route planning with Komoot, and FuelWise smart-fuel assistant.”

  1. I think is not a countdown.
    For me is a battery capacity with a 100% logo.
    And « loading future adventure… » is for Komoot integration.

    Polar Grit X is coming….

  2. Well, its the Grit obviously. It is a watch that will be below the Vantage V in terms of running or multisport features and more oriented to hiking and trail running. But don’t expect it to have maps so you can’t discover new routes without carry a phone with you… Komoot integration will need you to carry your phone. I really doubt that it’ll come with LTE. Its price should be below the Vantage V. But not sure at all because, probably, if its include support for mp3 music as rumored, you’ll have to pay that extra even if it has a cut in features respect to the Vantage V. We will see.

    For trailrunning adventurers, the next step is add LTE support to watches with maps and you do not need to carry extra weigh. Something expected in the Forerunner 955 and next Fenix generation. And when smartwatches with WearOS finally comes with a good battery life, of course, something i’ll be waiting for too long, but i expect to happen next year if not sooner.

    1. Some features of the Komoot integration will not need to carry the phone i imagine, so you can sync later or use in watch indications for already planned routes. But for full Kommot features, i believe that yes, require a direct connection with the phone.

  3. I hope they refresh webapp/android with something a new design…
    Ahh, and new features for Vantage will be very welcomed


    1. The Vantage V has 40 hours battery live in training mode, maybe some new features for the Vantage?
      Here in The Netherlands Polar was looking for an ambassador focused on trail running… Maybe because of the Grit?
      I’m still hoping for a V650 successor!

      1. For me it looks like there will be V650 successor. Maybe this year or next year. I am happy with V650 but when I see that this Polar’s segment is dying… But in October there was V650 update so it is not dead.

  4. One that has been already confirmed is the Amazfit Ares. Is even more rugged than the T-Rex which means that must be built like a tank. It’ll come with 70 sports profiles. The big question is… what metrics they’ll use this time in that watch? The leaked photo in the app is curious as it seems to have octagonal shape and a single button. Maybe only touch screen will be available for UI navigation.

    The watch image:

    1. Hi Zoser
      yes I saw that one. I thought it was some fitbit-ionic/urban-styled thing? I assumed it was very similar firmware inside to t-rex and stratos 3?
      I did NOT see that is was more rugged than the t-rex…interesting if true.

  5. Well. According to his CEO: “Huami has been in the sports field for many years. There have been users who have given feedback to us. The users want a sports watch with a different appearance, so there is this urban outdoor. The style of Amazfit Ares will support 70 sports modes. I hope everyone will like it.”

    So it’s for oudoor and watching the image… yes, it seems rugged. I really liked the T-Rex but they dropped the Firstbeat metrics in that model, if i’m right, and i’m not confident in those T-Rex has. It would have been the perfect watch to go outdoor without be afraid to lose the 800 euros of the fenix in one hit… You know.

    I know that, with Amazfit watches, you still can play with their software but i actually don’t have time to do it and try to add Firstbeat. I haven’t seen a project about the T-Rex in the community. However the Stratos 3 has a great support. But to buy that one i’ll have preferred the sapphire version, it was impossible to find that one available. And now i prefer to wait until next year to buy another expensive one.

    For now, waiting if something more is leaked or available at FCC. If something interesting in price is released, i’ll probably buy it to play with something new. But i’m sure that next year will probably be a lot more interesting for sport watches than this one. Stay safe. ; )

  6. Polar seems to need one – two years to make their watches desirable today. The V800 took two years, the Vantage still lacks several features, some that even a M430 has. So i can expect another roadmap for the Grit. The rumors say that this one will be below the Vantage V, so the V will still have more features and inheriting some from the Grit. And that for some features advertised you’ll need to carry the phone, probably for the mp3 feature too, so instead of have enough storage and a proper player, it could end being a simple remote controller…

  7. The Polar M430 is now 3 years old, I expect it to be replaced now.

    That’s why I think we’ll get an ultra-runners watch with 40hr battery life and the option to upload roadmaps..

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