Garmin 6 Beta Features pulled

The new MTB features penned in beta for the Fenix 6 have been pulled back out of beta. I don’t remember this happening before. Strange but this message seems to suggest problems were caused by the update and a comment below says that specifically it was the WIDGETS that caused the problems.

Source: below and here

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7 thoughts on “Garmin 6 Beta Features pulled

  1. At some point Garmin will move to a more traditional approach that involves actual testing before releasing products.

    1. This is literally what they’re doing: this is the beta firmware meant for testing.

  2. Actually the reason is that with 8.76 many widgets stopped working properly, so they pulled back the latest beta firmware.

  3. L

    Stop public testing Beta builds. No alpha builds then to closed beta and then finally live Betas; have a complete user opt-in system with architecture supporting it that is tracking how these builds work in realtime over a period of time.

    Not hoping some people on a forum that isn’t a good representation of the install base at-large download it and treat it like a beta and not some early update, because that’s what’s happening.

    They’re not testing anything. That segment downloads it, and never reports anything. Why bother sending it out then if you need people downloading it to actually give feedback? And even those that DO give feedback, it’s their interpretation which leads to a game of email tag with the Beta team. And it doesn’t matter how clear you are, they don’t understand, or ask concurrent questions to your report.

    Billion dollar company that tests like a idiot startup. Garmin never learns. And yes, I am antagonizing them here. I can’t stand their testing system.

    1. Justin – that’s exactly what they do. They have internal alphas, a closed beta group, then live betas on the forums. You talk as if you’re inside the company (no one “never reports anything”) yet have no idea the volume of feedback they receive. I get you don’t like their public beta system… so don’t use it? People kept begging for exactly this thing and now that they offer it you get the people complaining about them having an open beta.

      1. fterYou don’t have to be working for the company to know the internals. Garmin does what most other tech companies do…right up until they push out the live beta into the wild. And that’s it, they push out final beta builds to consumers in an uncontrolled environment and rely on people to download it, test it, report and articulate issues with barely a guideline on what to look for and what to report back.

        Anywhere else, when a beta build of some sort is ready to be mass tested, it’s in a controlled environment, and they’re the ones controlling it. Code, interaction with usages in the environment, all tested and watched by the people that made it, What possible control (or benefit) can you have after pushing out these builds to users without getting those people, all of them, to relay all data they have with? Most don’t report a single thing and treat it as “Early Access,” which they’re not, or have no idea how or what to say or do with the beta.

        And the biggest problem here is, Garmin pushes live, quote, unquote, stable builds to the population at large based on that testing. And how many of those live final updates are tragically wrong? Last week with the 945, there was a slew of issues with the live build, and then, in a day, they pushed out a beta build to address it, with no context.

        And yeah, you’re right, I don’t have to test it, but those live builds are broken because of their asinine testing system (and I don’t actually use Garmin anymore as of about a month ago). You’re defending the practice of a company that continues to send out unfished products to market and gets inadequate mass testing for free, and at a premium!

        Sorry, after five of that crap, I had it and left, but that doesn’t mean I will refrain from commenting on their nonsense.

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