Polar Vantage V & V650 get KOMOOT Support

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Today’s BIG news is the launch of the Polar Grit X (review), which is a souped-up Polar Vantage M that almost has all the features on the Vantage V, except Grit X is cheaper, more rugged and has some neat new outdoorsy functions too – one of which is Komoot support.

Fear not, Vantage owners. Komoot is already working on your Vantage V ie right now! and I’ve been using it on my Vantage V for over a day.It also looks to be working on the Polar V650 as well but I’ve not tested that.

You can see a little test route, above, that I created on Komoot yesterday cleverly called ‘Up the road‘ and you can guess where that went too 😉 I was checking if Vantage V also supported the TBT instructions from Komoot but sadly not – TBT is only on the Grit X ie You just get the synchronisation to the Vantage V of your favourite breadcrumb routes with no TBT instructions nor, I believe, elevation either.

Compass – Most long-winded calibration I’ve ever experienced. But it works eventually.

What is Komoot? It’s a pretty-looking routing service. In the UK it is quite lacking in public rides/runs that you can use but it does seem to have a good (popularity?) routing engine that works well for the few trips I’ve planned on it. It is easy-to-use, perhaps more so than STRAVA or RwGPS and certainly worth a look.

Somebody could try loading up a TBT enabled route file manually to the Vantage V…but I don’t think you will see anything TBT-wise. Let me know if you do please!

Are you a Polar V650 owner? Don’t worry you get Komoot support too.

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