MOTIV Ring – bites the dust – Proxy acquires Motiv

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I’ve been following fitness rings for some time now and reviewed the MOTIV ring in 2018. This is an exciting space in the fitness/activity/sleep/tech space that’s generally filled with rubbish. If you care to do some googling you will find quite a few ring products that look like they’ve been built using your niece’s lego Batman set.

Motiv was *NOT* one of those, Circular won’t be either. Motiv was/is one of the good ones. However, despite being a generally decent product it didn’t sell anywhere near as many units as the competition.

Here’s what Motiv failed to do

So. The SUBSTANCE of the product was ‘not far off’ but the style wasn’t there. Others may well have succeeded by making style trump substance.

Cut to the chase: Proxy has bought Motiv.

or, as Proxy’s CEO says, “This acquisition places Proxy at the forefront of human-machine symbiotic technology” Hmmm. Does it? And what does that actually mean?

I fear that Proxy will double-down on the tech side of things and Motiv will fail to excite once again.

If I had a cunning plan it would involve getting Beyonce and David Beckham to wear one. Just sayin’, often the simple strategies are best.


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