Withings new SLEEP ANALYZER – Sleep Sensing & Home Automation Pad

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Withings have announced a replacement of their old Withings Sleep (under-mattress mat) with their new Withings Sleep Analyzer/Sleep Sensing & Home Automation Pad. The new mat looks very similar to the old one but that’s OK, it was a good design in any case.

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Towards the end of its life, the original Withings Sleep was regularly selling below $/£100 and represented great value at that level compared to Eight Sleep and certainly when compared to Apple’s generally underwhelming offering ‘Beddit’ (they were too embarrassed to brand it as ‘Apple’)

Now we are seeing the Withings creep up to €129,95/£119.95. That’s still OK but this time you get SLEEP APNEA detection built-in. Perhaps the price rise justifies the pseudo-medical use-case on offer here?

Hmmm. Perhaps not…unless you have sleep apnea (which is a serious condition…a friend of mine has it quite badly)

The tech lovers amongst us might like the introduction of IFTT support. Essentially that means that when you get out of bed your smart home can be triggered into all sorts of weird and wonderful actions. Me? I just say ‘OK Google, good morning‘ to trigger my daily routines and I’m not sure I’d want Withings+IFTT to trigger them at 5 am when I take my scheduled nightly wee-break (too much information…sorry)


I like Withings products and ecosystem. they seem to stutter and start from one year to the next but they fundamentally look cool and stick to relatively simple lifestyle/activity tasks without pretending to be for sporty people. Which is fine, they are targeting a much bigger market. Certainly, in the SLEEP space they can take on Apple’s BEDDIT (at least for now) and they will always trump the sleep-techiness of EMFIT which is better-suited to sleep-obsessed analysts like I sometimes can be.

Amazon (EU) link: Get yours on Amazon HERE for €129,95/£119.95 (USA pricing not know but likely to be $130 once listed, not listed as of 28Apr2020)



Here is a review of the original SLEEP product


Withings SLEEP Review vs Apple Beddit vs QS Emfit

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  2. Damn you, I bought it. Hoping the sleep tracking is better than the Fenix 6x Pro Solar.

  3. The Withings solution. Not sleeping well (6.5 hours) and really would like consistent sleep data

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