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As the imaginary 2020 triathlon season kicks off, wetsuit prices firmly stay at rrp. Where RRP is just that little bit higher than last year and the quality of suit material might be just that little bit lower than last year.

Not this year.

2020 is the year that sees even the most die-hard swimmer buying another pair of running shoes. You know why.


However, you might be thinking that lockdown will soon come to an end or you might be thinking of swimming somewhere you shouldn’t be, hoping not to get caught. Or you might have some contraption in your back garden that uses a bungee cord and your kids’ over-sized paddling pool (you bought it for yourself, remember?). If any of these sounds of interest to you then NOW really is a good time to get a surprisingly unseasonal good deal on a wetsuit.

Zone 3 has 3 basic models from Advance to Aspire to Vanquish, with Vanquish being the ‘best’ and most expensive. I’ve bought and owned Vanquish and Aspire models myself and both are suited to people who consider themselves to be competitive, with the Vanquish being my definite favourite due to more shoulder freedom. If you are contemplating OWS and/or triathlon ‘for fun’ then an entry-level suit like the Advance is perfectly fine.

Current deals

My Vanquish review is further below…


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Zone3 Vanquish Review | Huub Archimedes comparison

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