Garmin 945 + VA4 Weekend USA Deals

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Some great Garmin deals for the weekend for those of you in the USA with $50 off the Garmin Forerunner 945 and Garmin Swim 2 and with even more taken off the Garmin Vivoactive 4S

Here are the TOP USA-only Links as of today. Try Walmart & B&H first where you should get the best deal but the other USA links listed there are cool too…but not as cool. Enjoy 😉



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5 thoughts on “Garmin 945 + VA4 Weekend USA Deals

  1. My 735xt is nearing the end of its life, specifically battery getting worse and worse but otherwise I love it.

    Do I pull the trigger on a discounted 945 or wait for a 955 (with cellular, hopefully!)? Any updates on when we’ll be seeing some new watches appear?

    1. They’re coming in early June I would guess. Retailers have been given a date to discount current models (always done in the few weeks before new models) soon.

      1. Yeah, I’m wondering if June might be unrealistic. Wouldn’t there be some hints on the FCC site by now?

  2. June is not normally a good time. this year is different tho maybe there could be one massive launch of edges and a couple of forerunners (655, 745)…i can’t see the 945 coming first but could be wrong.

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