Colnago Sold to Chimera |

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Italian bike manufacturer COLNAGO has been sold to UAE-based Chimera Investments LLC or, at least, the latter has acquired a controlling stake.

Expect to see many more of these kinds of investments; there is a lot of cash washing around the financial system at the moment looking for a home as potentially distressed companies seek to welcome it.





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2 thoughts on “Colnago Sold to Chimera |

  1. You’re great at finding info!
    Not a good thing this….. such a pity that a very long established brand cannot survive a bad period… (if that’s a factor)
    Maybe Saoudi’s offered an immense amount of money?
    Mostly this kind of businesses sell as easy as they bought.
    At least they’re not Chinese….

    1. well….

      I guess it depends on what “other country” (sovereign wealth fund) you’d like to own you. UAE, China, wherever. I suspect that ‘power corrupts’ regardless of the ethnicity.

      I’m still not fully sold on the illusion that America and GB are two of the wealthiest countries in the world. When I last looked they each had the biggest ever debts in the world of multi-trillion $s each.

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