new : STRAVA Gets FTP History


This is a new performance feature for PREMIUM STRAVA users. STRAVA now stores your historical FTP performance changes. This makes a lot of sense when trying to interpret historical data if, for example, you can only have one current FTP setting.


When you next log in, premium STRAVA users should get this message

If you then navigate over to the PERFORMANCE tab on the web you should be able to enter multiple historical FTP settings. Note that I couldn’t find the settings on my STRAVA iOS app…maybe there is a phased rollout for that.

Just some random FTP numbers



This is a relatively basic feature that’s already available on many analysis platforms like TP and Golden Cheetah.

I managed to use SportTracks desktop for MANY years without this feature as I never really dwelt too much on former glories…mainly because they were all in my imagination rather than etched in stone-cold truth of stats. The only mini problem it caused me was because having incorrect HR and Power Zones CAN lead to incorrect historical training load calculations (and I was interested in those to some degree).

This feature is hopefully a sign of things to come from STRAVA who are making a BIG EFFORT with new features this year perhaps also, for example, by the auto-detection of modelled FTP from maximal efforts…things like that. With a following wind, STRAVA might also take and save your FTP changes directly from FIT files as, for example, newer Garmins can auto-update your FTP and that info IS stored in your FIT files.

Summary: Shrug. Someone will be happy. Most people won’t realise or care and those that do will already use other software for proper analysis. Being less grumpy, it isnice to have and a stepping stone for future STRAVA goodies.


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  1. Elevate already does this for free. At least they not banning API access when releasing new features for paid users that already exist on free plugins.

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