New ad experience – feedback welcomed

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The number of paying Subscribers/Supporters have fallen on this site this year perhaps because I now only offer an annual option, so I had to re-vamp the site’s ad strategy with the help of my ad provider (Monumetric). They’ve tinkered with several ad placement areas and done so differently on both mobile and desktop. Indeed this was implemented alongside a visual change to the entire website which should also have delivered the benefit of making the site display properly on smartphones.

I would appreciate any useful feedback on how I can change the ad experience. It varies from visit-to-visit depending on your previous online behaviour so I can’t check the ad experience for everyone. Hence I would appreciate your help to get it right. ‘Get it right‘ probably means ‘only mildly annoying‘ rather than ‘makes me click away within 5 seconds

I stopped doing the monthly/quarterly Site Supporter options as the PayPal fees were disproportionately high. I still offer the Annual Supporter option and the ad experience for such Supporters should be greatly reduced for those of you who are kind enough to help there. FWIW If I got 5 new supporters a day I’d totally remove the ads and you might think that, with several million annual page views, I’d get that level of support…but I don’t.

I don’t particularly want to host ads at all but the alternatives to making up the loss in ad revenues don’t stack up as the vast majority of readers want free content. Ads are the consequence of that, as is short-form content. I would add that over the last 3 years I have experimented with a number of approaches to delivering the content in a way that makes it worth my while and the solution for me just simply isn’t to copy somebody else…you get where I’m going with that comment, I’m sure.

Please remember that I DO want to give a good reader experience but that my time resources are highly limited compared to larger media sites.


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