Most expensive bike computer…ever

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I prefer the Sigma Rox 12.0 myself. Mainly because it’s better than the Rox 10.0 but also because it is remarkably less expensive than what I found, above, on Amazon today.

I had some spare gift vouchers to burn…just not that many.

I liked the nice touch from Vonderpalette whereby the shipping just nudged the price over £17,000. I vaguely remember buying something from them once as well though certainly not at these kinds of prices.


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2 thoughts on “Most expensive bike computer…ever

  1. Nothing new.
    Shops do it to not loose Amazon rank when they are out of stock. They just drive up the price to an amount nobody will buy the product and stay on top of their competitiors.
    I only can’t get why Amazon still has no algorithm to sort it out: Stock minimal + Price 5 times the average: Item gets deleted…
    This “trick” is years old.

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