new High5 Endurance fuel – slow release carbs

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Endurance fuel supplier High5 has just announced an interesting new endurance fuel based on slow-release Isomaltulose which itself is a source of glucose and fructose.

This will be of particular interest for cyclists over longer durations, although High5 claims some relevance to shorter rides – I’m guessing ‘short’ would mean a couple of hours long.

On the longer rides, or perhaps for triathletes over a HIM, this could be more interesting for athletes who are perhaps not delving too deeply into their carb stores with not too many high-intensity bursts and who just need that constant drip-feed access to easy-burn energy with no caffeine.

As this contains glucose/fructose dual-carbs then it’s going to maximise the potential for absorption through your gut too. All is good there, in theory.

Minorly Interesting: High5 seem to be rebranding their products from previous years as QUICK-RELEASE carb energy. So clearly they see some mileage in differentiating their products as ‘slow release’ and ‘quick release’…fair enough.


My Usage

On a Sunday ride, I sometimes fuel poorly, perhaps aiming to have a normal dual-carb gel every 45 minutes, which invariably slips to longer periods in reality. Sure enough, I sometimes then find consistent efforts increasingly harder and if my eyesight starts to go slightly blurry then that is normally a further sign that I should have had a gel about 30 minutes earlier. #TooLate.

The problem is though that when I have the gels as often as I think I need to, I’ve started to feel uncomfortable digesting them for rides of over 4 hours.

Buy High5 Here: link to amazon/wiggle. I’ll add a direct link there to the slow release stuff once it gets added to the store.


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