new Sigma EOX View 1200

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Sigma EOX View 1200

Sigma’s latest bike computer, announced today, is the EOX View 1200. Following on from the more traditional and feature-full Sigma Rox 12.0 (review), Sigma has moved further into the growing e-Bike market with the EOX 1200 display, EOX Remote 500 Control unit and the EOX app.

The EOX 1200 is super-slimline – it doesn’t need an inbuilt battery – and the display looks super-clear but somewhat limited in the rider info it can display.

The remote control looks pretty cool with various status LEDs and the ability to control integrated lights as well as power. Alternatively, the EOX Remote can link to the ROX 12.0, the latter of which is sold as ‘e-bike ready’.



Configuration Overview

The EOX Remote 500 remote control has a wired CAN BUS cable to your e-bike. For ride data display, you can use either the EOX or Sigma Rox 12.0 to connect to the remote via BLE. The Rox 12 itself is Shimano Steps and LEV compatible.

Sigma has also linked up with NOX bikes to offer their tech integrated into the NOX bike design.

Why? – in brief

There are broad two thrusts into the ebike market by Sigma.

Firstly the Rox12 compatibility means that you can use the same head unit on different bike types…maybe you have a regular road bike and an eMTB, for example.

More importantly, Sigma is promoting its integration services. The more profitable end-game for them is to integrate their tech into new e-Bikes sold in shops…hence the NOX Bikes link up.


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