a replacement Garmin 945 (again) – what was annoying in the setup?

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I’m already on to my 3rd Garmin Forerunner 945, it’s a little annoying that I was without my FR945 for a week yet good that Garmin or their retailers do replace these pretty quickly. I probably got sent a refurb unit both times which probably should bother me more than it does in reality. I’ll be selling it before the 955 LTE dons my wrist.

Yes, But what was annoying in the setup?

The main thing is that there are still several actions that I needed to perform to get my watch ‘just right’. I could probably have copied the file structure from the old one to the new one but I don’t know the inner working of Garmin devices that well to be confident about doing that. Re-setup probably took me about an hour all told and I’m reasonably sure that I know what I’m doing more than the average Garmin customer.

Here are some petty annoyances that there probably was a faster way to achieve workarounds for

Still. You expect that have to do all of that for a $500 watch, don’t you?

Do you?!?

And yes, I’m still calling the 945 the best triathlon watch despite all of the above. When it sings, it sings so sweetly; it just takes a little while to warm up the vocal cords.

Then I just thought that I might have the same, or similar, to do all over again when I fork out another $500 on a mystery new Garmin bike computer soon. Very soon.

Please share any 945 grumbles or setup tips below.


Resource: This link (Garmin Support) explains some settings that can be backed up and copied to a new device


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