(not)parkrun is here – it’s a kinda parkrun, kinda freedom run thing

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parkrun is not back but certainly has plans to return as soon as possible. However, the organisers of the real parkrun are about to launch a totally different (not)parkrun event, which is like parkrun…but not.

In a nutshell, it’s an initiative to keep us all logging a 5k parkrun, it’s just that this will be at a time and place of our own choosing and will comply with any social distancing laws that apply when you perform your effort. It looks like you will be able to ‘log’ one (not)parkrun per day but that in no way will count towards any of the regular parkrun milestones like T-Shirts or volunteering.

Advice to all: Don’t be an idiot and turn up at 9am on a Saturday morning and do your local parkrun course. That’s one sure way to create lots of PR havoc for everyone. If you know anyone who does this please politely call them an idiot (in a nice friendly way) and tell them to stop.

More info: (not)parkrun

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  1. I m!ss Parkruns, even though I am confident to trail run on my own and the 5k distance is more of a short workout for me these days.

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