Sexy Sports Analytics

Sexy Sports Analytics

I normally refrain from using that word on this site and from swearing but the use of the term ‘sexy’ seems right this time. For once it really is appropriate – either that or I need to go out a bit more 🙂

WHOOP might let you record your nocturnal naughtiness in its app whilst others would never consider recording nocturnal machinations on their app as data privacy is not what it used to be. Looking at other devices, I might describe the Hammerhead Karoo as sexy-looking, others wouldn’t and might prefer a slimmer model but still my nocturnal eyes find something strikingly alluring and classy about my Polar Vantage V Titanium.

Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

My Zone3 Vanquish wetsuit might also look sexy…just not on me and, yes, I’m sure someone finds your dad sexy too; they would probably also find my Garmin 945 sexy by the same token. Yet no-one, I repeat loudly, “NO-ONE”, has ever called sports software analysis tools sexy. At least not until now they haven’t.

Golden Cheetah

Whilst my Garmins have that ‘dadness of sexuality‘, I think it’s fair to say that Golden Cheetah has the sexiness of my ever-helpful, super-nice and very lovely grandma. No more.

Mr Liversedge at Golden Cheetah seems to have changed his bedtime reading somewhat and that has influenced his day job as developer-extraordinaire of everyone’s favourite deep analysis sports tool aka Golden Cheetah (GC). At least superficially, GC seems to have been transformed as these images and embedded tweets further below show.

You can download the latest beta release NOW here: …it’s free ! Go on, you know you want to.

If you are bored and want to play ‘I spy’, apparently there are numerous sexual innuendos in the images and tweets below. I can’t see them myself. #CleanMind. Otherwise, watch the video.


Image: Golden Cheetah

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