Lezyne Price Cuts – A Problem For Garmin Edge 130 Plus?

Lezyne Price Cuts – A Problem For Garmin Edge 130 Plus?

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With the brand new Garmin Edge 130 Plus coming in at about £169, it’s interesting to contrast that with the discounted prices of many of the Lezyne devices which start at £83/£83. Yep, a Lezyne can be HALF the price of an entry-level Garmin Edge. Indeed for the same price as the base level Edge 130 Plus you can get a ‘mid-level’ Lezyne plus a bundle. You choose.

USA: A similar argument exists in the USA, where Competitive Cyclist sells the Lezyne Mini and Lezyne Macro both for $99 with the Macro Plus model still coming in at $149.99…$50 less than the Garmin Edge.

Lezyne make decent, well-featured bike computers that are accompanied by what is now a pretty decent smartphone app – called ALLY, which itself has good route planning abilities onboard


Of course, little of this really matters to many buyers of road bike computers who will just go for the name that they’ve heard of…GARMIN. For off-road usage then I would contend that Lezyne are a better-known brand and more likely to be peer-recommended.



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