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Biostrap – New Feature Boost

In the world of Fitbit Charge, Whoop, Garmin Vivosmart and numerous Chinese bands, BIOSTRAP sometimes doesn’t get the mentions it deserves. Which is a shame as Biostrap goes DEEP into bodily stats and gives insights where others fail to tread. It is one of VERY FEW products that I would give the accolade ‘PROPER Activity Tracker’ and you can take that as a recommendation if you like! Biostrap is a Biohackers dream and it’s just got better.

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Biostrap Review

Biostrap – new Firmware Feature

These new firmware features hit the internet today in the new v3.5.0 app on iOS and Android for existing Biostrap users.

Feature 1 – Sleep Lab Enhancement

Sleep Lab Subscription Enhancements include a “Bedtime Recommendations” notification that will appear on the dashboard 6, 4, and 2 hours before the recommended sleep onset time, Plus, the sleep detail page will show “Sleep Recommendations” and “Sleep Debt” values.

Feature 2 – Pulse Report Improvements

Improved Pulse Report with more in-depth explanations for all the graphs and values, and display of continuous SPO2 and HR values. Plus, selecting the “Save Biometric Session” option will allow you to view the Pulse Report from the Biometric Results page and save it in your Timeline.


Feature 3 Include WORKOUT Calories

Previously ‘calories’ did NOT include calories in workouts. Now it does. As it should be. Workout calories are also shown separately as well as in the total.


Feature 4 New “Remote Monitoring Plus” License

Up to 5 users can be monitored with the basic version and this can be increased to 20 users with the new subscription option. Intended for “team” usage (non-family, most should be free).

Feature 5 Charger Notifications

Whilst charging, your app will be notified when charging levels hit 50%, 75% and fully charged

Feature 6 Distance Editing

You can now manually change the GPS distance calculation

Biostrap Take Out

A welcome set of freebie improvements for existing users.

Biostrap – Price, Discounts & Availability

Biostrap is available directly from the manufacturer or EU distributor and you will not find any new ones either on Amazon or in retail stores. If you use the Biostrap Discount link below plus the coupon code “the5krunner” then you get a 20% discount…thank you.

USA Manufacturer Link: 20% discount with code “the5krunner”

Eu/UK Distributor Link: 20% discount with code “the5krunner”

  • Total Health Set – $250
  • Biometric Set – $175
  • Replacement Strap – $30
  • Ankle Strap – $5
  • Inductive Dual Charger Base – $40
  • Round, Single Inductor Charger Base – £30
  • Shoeclip, 3x pack – $30
  • Shoepod – $100
  • Wristband w/sensor – $150
  • Original Strap, 3x Pack – $29
  • Elite Runner Subscription – $4.49/mo (30 day free trial)
  • Meditation Subscription – $4.49/mo (30 day free trial)
  • Sleep Lab – $9.49/mo (30 day free trial)

USA Manufacturer Link: 20% discount with code “the5krunner”

         Eu/UK Distributor Link: 20% discount with code “the5krunner”






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