Garmin Fenix 6 adds acclimation widget. dual HR broadcasting and more

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Acclimation Widget on Fenix 6

With the exception of the FR945, all the Fenix 6 series today received a BETA update that you can now try at your own risk following the instructions in the links further below.

The heat acclimation capability has been available since launch (more details) and the feature makes adjustments like VO2max correction, although note your body (and the algorithms) will likely take 4 or more days until full acclimation. Also of interest is the addition of dual ANT+/BLE broadcasting of optical HR.

  • What’s new: What’s new here is the ability to add the acclimation info as a widget and, with the new widget glances, I reckon these are implemented now in a much-improved manner.
  • What’s new: Despite some limitations it’s now possible to broadcast your HR from the FEnix 6 over either Bluetooth SMART or ANT+. More info on

More Info: Fenix 6: Firstbeat Insights

Fenix 6s:
Fenix 6s Pro:
Fenix 6:
Fenix 6 Pro:
Fenix 6x Pro:

These new firmware versions contain oHR bug fixes, updates to the Surf & Golf profile and these

  • Added support for Altitude Acclimation widget. (Menu > Widgets > Edit > Add > Alt. Acclimation)
  • Improved Broadcast Heart Rate and added support for simultaneously broadcasting through ANT+ and Bluetooth.
  • Updated the user interface for Stress and Calories widgets.

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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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The fact that link to Wikipedia is covered in words containing the letter z means it can be largely ignored on this UK site… 😂🙄
Zee, my arse. 😜


Your assumption is wrong. To annoy EVERYONE, you’d have to cycle between those two and acclimatation. 😀

(Thank you Frank up above for the Wiki link, where I read that variant for the first time)


I think I saw something like this pass by on my Edge 830.


Any rumors on garmin instinct 2 or fenix 6 sport

  1. find anywhere garmin_mobile.apk
  2. apktool d base.apk
  3. $ less /base/smali_classes4/i/a/a/a/a/o6/b.smali


tfk, the5krunner

thank you, many of those already covered here
I think some may well be internal project code names eg HALEY is probably Vivoactive/Venu