Apple Watch 6 Pro – specs, rumours, news and release date

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Apple Watch 6 Pro

The Apple Watch 6 will have some surprises. Bigger than you think. More ‘Pro’ than you think.

We’ve just had a partial announcement of what watch OS 7 holds in store for us when fully released in mid-September 2020. Let’s have a look at what we think will be added at the same time to the upcoming Apple Watch 6 (AW6), including other to-be-announced features on watch OS7 and the necessary hardware changes behind it all.

If we first look at the hardware in the current Apple Watch 5, we can set the scene for what is to the AW6 later this year because it is the hardware capabilities that provide the platform on which Apple can innovate with software

Background: Apple Watch 5 – Current model

There are 6 models of the Apple Watch 5, namely these

GPS: A2092 (40mm), A2093 (44mm)
GPS + Cellular: North America: A2094 (40mm) A2095 (44mm), Europe, Asia Pacific, and China mainland: A2156 (40mm) A2157 (44mm)

with each one requiring a separate FCC designation. However, most of us just see the ‘big’ version and the ‘small’ version as well as the ones with/without LTE/cellular. It won’t surprise you when I say that Apple is cleverer than that when it comes to differentiating between their products, thus there are cosmetic variants differentiated by combinations of cases, bands, and exclusive watch faces. Here’s a quick overview

  • Apple Watch – aluminium/stainless steel cases
  • Apple Watch Nike+ (formerly Sport) – aluminium case and Nike bands
  • Apple Watch Hermes – stainless steel case and Hermes leather/sport band
  • Apple Watch Edition – ceramic/titanium cases

Background: Apple Watch Evolution

I won’t go into too much detail here but the technical evolution of the innards of the Apple Watch over the last 5 years is surprising when considered holistically. There was more change than I expected to find. More interestingly the current Apple Watch 5 seems to coincide with the end of the life cycles of several of its components – change is coming. Here are some examples of what I mean

  • AW2 (Glonass), AW3 (Glonass, Galileo, QZSS) – with China a key market for Apple I would expect to see Beidou in there, although US politics may get involved.
  • AW1-AW5 all have WiFi 4 (up to 802.11n) – Yet Wi‑Fi 5 (802.11ac) is in widespread use and Apple could introduce hardware to support faster Wi-Fi connections and maybe also 802.11ax/WiFi 6 capability for the future
  • AW2 saw the introduction of WR50 water resistance, WR50 (50m) is probably enough. WR100 ‘can’t hurt’.
  • AW4 saw the introduction of EKG/ECG to an improved optical HR sensor as well as an improved gyroscope.
  • AW5 got the first compass and AW3 got the first barometric altimeter, the existing sensors already give enough accuracy for the AW6.
  • With the exception of AW3, every Apple Watch has had a display improvement of some sort, although the pixel density is constant at 326ppi over every model.
  • AW4 saw increased screen sizes for both the ‘small’ and ‘larger’ screen models, so the size of the Apple Watch screen remaining constant is not a given. But the rounded rectangle is a consistent case for the Apple Watch.
  • Apart from AW5, every model has received a new processor (AW4/5=64bit dual)
  • Apart from AW2, every model has received increased storage (AW5=32Gb)
  • RAM has never remained the same on 3 consecutive models. AW4/5 are both 1Gb DRAM
  • AW4/5 both had launch prices of $399
  • AW1 onwards had an ambient light sensor but no AW has yet been able to properly record body temperature.

To me, all that is pointing towards a more powerful device for September, one which is a bigger incremental change than we saw last year with the AW5, perhaps with next-gen screen tech, Underlying the change will be components with less of an appetite for battery juice and perhaps a better battery in and of itself – all of which could signal a notable improvement in the overall battery life. And that would make sense as watch OS 7 enters into the realms of deeper sleep features…simply put, at the moment you cant sensibly charge the watch and deliver a proper sleep experience.

Apple Watch 4 Review Nike 44mm

Current Considerations: Apple Watch at a Cross Roads?

You can be sure that Apple’s marketing team have modelled changes to the competitive landscape. But here are some facts and related speculation

  • It’s possible that Apple Watch’s market share is peaking for the current product set. #AlarmBells #Ringing
  • The Apple Watch 4 is discontinued AFAIK but the AW3 still sells at the lower $199 price point. This fact validates the lower $199 price point as meeting a real market pricing need
  • The AW3 is obviously an ageing model and might not even be in production any more, perhaps with stocks currently being run down?
  • I also point out that most other Apple products have a ‘pro’ version.

These points all support the annual update to the AW6 being instead called the AW6 Pro sitting alongside a cut-down version, a regular AW6, which is the replacement for a soon-to-be-discontinued AW3.

Known Futures

A fundamental driver in wearable tech right now is medical usage. Sure daily smarts, sleep and sports are all important but the key evolution now, and where much investment is being made, is into medical-grade tech.

Wearable tech is spreading through many demographics and Western populations are ageing. The elderly and the young will be ever-more important markets

As a sports person, I know that SpO2 is of minimal interest to me yet Afib for the young and SpO2 (blood oxygen) for more vulnerable people is a key piece of tech.

We now know some of what will be in watch OS7 and Apple specifically said that the June 2020 announcement was only PART of what was coming in September with the full software release. Presumably, the full watch OS7 will contain features specific tot he AW6 that are not intended for earlier models.

The recent announcement of the addition of sleep tracking really was obvious and nevertheless represents a major update for Apple, although if and how it might link to a revamped Apple BEDDIT is anyone’s guess. Apple might have grand designs for sleep or they might just be playing feature catch-up with the competition.

Another interesting innovation that was announced is the ability to share watch faces. Nice, clever…but ‘shrug’.

A further leak has been that the ‘force touch’ screen action is removed in Wear OS7. Again supporting Apple’s change in screen tech that I am certain will come in September.

Apple Watch 6 – Predictions

  • 40/44mm versions and LTE/non-LTE version will be retained, indeed the basic rectangular case design will be similar to AW5 eg the crown will stay at least for one more major iteration. The crown will eventually go (AW8) as it’s just that little bit ugly.
  • The Hermes, Edition and Nike variants will be carried over to AW6
  • There will be an Apple Watch 6 PRO, perhaps at a higher $450 price point
  • There will be an Apple Watch 6 (standard) at $250 which will move over time down to $199 as AW3 stock runs out.
  • Both standard and pro versions will have notable hardware performance improvements over the AW5,
    • specifically delivering a faster device but, more importantly, a more energy-efficient architecture to deliver a 2-day+ battery life
    • 64-bit quad-core processor
    • 64 Gb storage
    • 2 Gb DRAM
  • Notably, power savings will come from
    • a new microLED screen (change from existing OLED). Perhaps this screen will only be on the PRO model?
    • a new GPS chip made by Apple
  • Modified optical heart rate sensor module
    • To deliver SpO2 monitoring, perhaps only enabled on the Pro model
    • To include body temperature measurement
  • Even more software innovations! doh!
    • Apple has signalled they want to do more on mental health but I think a good avenue for Apple would be a comprehensive expansion of their entire personal safety & wellness offering…so that includes accidents (an elderly trip or a bike crash), medical alerts (AFib, SpO2), a wider female health featureset and a ‘help mommy! I’m about to be mugged alert’
    • Both Apple and Google (with Wear OS) will do a lot more with making their watch tech suitable for minors.

Apple Watch 4 Review Nike 44mm


Thoughts? Comments below, please

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What about 24/7 per second heart rate recording? Or is that already a thing on Apple watches?


What about sports? Wondering if AW will substitute my Garmin soon.


Double tap on the screen!


Does anyone know something about Polar new upcoming watch?


It’s the Polar Unite, a low-end fitness watch, presumably without gps.


See for pictures of the Unite.


That flat tyre design irritates me.


What about temperature sensor?
I believe they will improve their sleep tracking system with a temperature sensor.
It can also fit well in this “pandemic world”, to know if your temperature had been growing.
If the Oura ring can measure it in a tiny hardware, the AW should be able too. And, if they will change something in the back of the watch to include the SpO2 sensor, better to add the temperature one too.