Velocomp PowerPod Lite v3

PowerPod Lite v3 – power meter by Velocomp

In Feb 2020 Velocomp released their latest LITE version of their popular power meter range which they call PowerPod Lite V3.

Unsurprisingly this replaces the previous generation 2 ‘lite’ product and maintains the same $199 price tag.

PowerPod Lite V3 – What is it?

powerpod lite v3It’s more than you think. For $200 you get

  • An opposing force power meter incorporating power from both your legs with a claimed +/-2% accuracy
  • An accurate grade sensor
  • An accurate wind sensor

It works on any kind of bike from a TT bike to a trail bike and the LITE product should be the one that most people need unless you want to regularly move between different bikes or get involved in a more detailed analysis of power and drag, which is a highly specialised requirement.

Along with the updated hardware, V3 now ‘looks’ like the rest of the range as well as boasting a perhaps easier setup and usage than earlier models. Usage is simply ‘pair and go’, with an autocalibration occurring within the first 90 seconds, or so, of your ride.



PowerPod Lite V3 is the cheapest entry-level power meter that is worth considering.

The next step up would be for you to get either a 4iiii single-sided crank power meter or Stages G3 single-sided crank power meter. I wouldn’t worry too much about the inaccuracies of single-sided cranks as double-sided cranks power meters have different accuracy issues!

The subsequent step would be to go for Favero Assioma Duo (look cleat) power meter pedals. Then beyond that, you would need to more closely research the best power meter for your needs.


All versions ship now and there are European resellers. Any reseller is free to discount as they see fit so you will find sales if you look around and wait. PowermeterCity (below) often have sales on this item and there is an additional 10% discount code you can use there as well (as shown below)


For a first-time power meter buyer with one or two bikes, this is a compelling product at around US$200/GBP200/EUR200. At higher price points, the likes of a 4iiii PRECISION crank (ANT+/BLE) or Favero Assioma Power Meter Pedals quickly become more attractive power meter options.

Powermetercity often discounts and there is a further 10% off with my code, as shown below. That’s normally a very well-priced option.

power meter city
10% Discount Coupon ‘the5krunner10’ or 10% store credit with Garmin

Use the 10% coupon (the5krunner10) at PMC.

Best Local Retailer price is linked to. .

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  1. I’m still tempted by the Aeropod but not yet certain it would be usable in a real world setting. Something like noise to signal ratio…..just guessing

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