Stages Dash “ClimbPro’ lookalike – teased for mid July 2020

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Stages Dash to get ClimbPro lookalike  – July 2020

The official Stages Cycling video, below, teases a somewhat poor-quality image of someone cycling up a mountain with a Stages Dash L50. Nothing unusual there you might say; except the Dash clearly has a ClimbPro-like feature up and running a-la-Garmin.

All that the teased images show us is a coloured elevation plot. Wahoo, of course, already do that as do other bike head units. But some of the features that set Garmin’s ClimbPro apart from an elevation plot are

  • the ride’s full elevation is separated into individual climbs. These individual climbs are what are displayed when you are riding them
  • Metrics relevant to the climb are given eg metres -to-go.
  • Colour-shading or greyscale-shading is used to distinguish grade changes
  • Climbs are saved into the FIT file as a different flavour of lap so that they can be viewed post-ride more easily if your software supports it (Golden Cheetah does)

When will we see this? A firmware release is due this month although sometimes these things do slip a couple of weeks.


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4 thoughts on “Stages Dash “ClimbPro’ lookalike – teased for mid July 2020

      1. So I created landscape profile with some graphs on, but the syncing didn’t go smoothly and I didn’t have everything I expected on the ride.

        I expect I’d find the graphs most useful on an indoor training ride, outside yesterday I had power and HR 20 min graphs but they weren’t much use for the riding I was doing, probably only sensible to have 2 of them filling the screen of the M50 outdoors.

        Will experiment further, syncing is something I often have trouble with, I’m never quite sure where the master of the Profile configuration is, it can be on the device, on the phone or in the cloud inside StagesLink.

        I think next time I change a profile, I must remember to start a ride to check I have the data fields I want before expecting to have everything correct on the next real ride.

      2. I’ve set up some screens for a pootle to the lake this afternoon. i did it on the device with no sync so they should hopefully be there. i’ve pinged stages too for more info as i’m not 100% sure if there are some very interesting takes on the screens that i haven’t fully appreciated eg with the SPANS

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