Mio Cyclo Discover & Discover Plus announced

Mio Cyclo Discover and  Cyclo Discover Plus announced

Mio (MiTAC) has announced two new additions to their bike navigation range, the Cyclo Discover and Cyclo Discover Plus.

The Discover has a 3.5″ screen and so, size-wise, is the same as the Garmin Edge 1030 Plus. The Discover PLUS is even bigger coming in with a whopping 4″ screen size and is probably the biggest screen size of any bike nav (smartphone screens are larger and Mio Cyclo 605HC has the same screen size). To some people size really is important. These new models are navigation-focussed devices and lack connectivity to performance sensors as found on the 605HC.

I’ve produced detailed hands-on reviews of previous MIO Cyclo bikenavs and they are generally impressive pieces of kit with good features and good-looking screens, all  at sub-Garmin levels of pricing – I’ve NOT had any access to the new Discover models though.

From past experience, Mio Cyclo is unfairly overlooked because they don’t have the same marketing clout as Garmin yet they seem to be reasonably popular in some continental European markets.

What’s New?

Mio has introduced some new navigation features. Initially, I thought those same features had been rolled up to the highest 605HC model but there are several nuances there as well as other new functionalities that are specific to the Discover models. It’s quite hard for me to generalise Mio’s range as it’s not the case that the features simply get ‘more’ the higher up the price range you go. Let me try anyway and, if I fail, there are a couple of comparison charts below for those of you who have the inclination to linger longer.

Both the Discover models have these wholly new features

  • Sync routes in from Komoot or RouteYou.
  • A new NeverMiss function which seems to somehow show location-specific route info that you have pre-written and saved online. Essentially this could be adding personally-curated info to make POIs more content-rich.
  • TBT to start of the route.

Distinguishing between the two new Discover models – the Discover PLUS adds more feature of the basic DISCOVER model including WiFi, Elevation Maps, Detour functions, laps, SMS notifications and a mysterious ‘Fitness Function’.



Take Out

I suspect that Mio recognises that Garmin/Wahoo have the performance game nicely tied up, hence their continued focus more towards touring and navigation. That makes sense but what doesn’t make sense is for them to have more bike computer models than Garmin…Keep-it-simple folks.

If I were a Mio Cyclo-lover and impressed with my current device then, if I had some cash to burn on my favourite brand, I would just assume that I get the top-end one which pretty much did everything that the others all do.


Want to buy One?

Retail distribution is not straightforward either. Try these, some of those listed below are blank at the time of writing.

RegionsOnline stores
United KingdomAmazon
BelgiumDutch – speakinghttps://geni.us/miostore
French – speakinghttps://geni.us/miostore


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