Moto 360 Gen 3 – £100/$100 off already!

The Moto 360 Gen 3 has been globally available for just over a month but the price has already come tumbling down to more reasonable price levels.

This is a latest-gen Wear OS watch with a good spec and which looks impressive in a sweet casing.

In the UK it’s reduced from £299 to £199 and Walmart in the US has it at $299 price tag but AMAZOM.COM lists it $100 cheaper at $199.

If you want one you know what to do =>  Buy Link & More Info

It will probably end up selling well but they could have been blessed with more fortuitous timing. Have a look below at the impressive specs.


new Moto 360 Overview & specifications – Gen 3

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      1. thank you
        i see that now (no stock tho), i saw stock earlier when i treid a different link. i must be getting stuff hidden from me on because they see me in the uk and hide those that they can’t deliver to. weird.

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