4iiii to be the standard for Cervelo 5-level in 2021

Image: 4iiii

4iiii has confirmed that in 2021 all the new Cervelo 5 level bikes will come with a 4iiii Precision Pro power meter. So that’s the S5 (aero racer), R5 (bit lighter, hilly one), P5 (TT) and anything else with a ‘5’ in it. I currently have a 2018 R5 but with a Shimano R9100P and/or various pedal PMs and I supposedly have a mate’s 2019 S5 assigned to me in his will…a sombre thought…it is a nice bike though.

Buy Approved Used + New Cervelo bike and Fraesets
Buy Approved Used + New Cervelo bike and Fraesets

Cast your minds back to December 2019 when 4iiii announced that they had partnered with the Israel Startup Nation bike team – what? who? we scoffed at the time. Yet the imminent arrival of Chris Froome might signal they could do well over the next few years, thus 4iiii sponsoring that team seems like a pretty smart move for the Canadians (Cervelo and 4iiii). Although Israel SUN uses Factor frames so it gets a bit confusing.

Cast your minds back further: Stages seemed to do pretty well off their association with Team SKY.

Finally, despite knowing very well how to use swear words in real life, I don’t normally allow their gratuitous use on this blog. However, the following video is a kind-of exception as a) it’s short and funny & b) it’s on YouTube courtesy of Cervelo/4iiii.





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